New Fiat coupe SUV already runs in Brazil disguised as a sedan

While the new SUV from Fiat, known for now as “Progetto 363”, has already set a date, the Italian brand is already thinking about the next steps. For the 1st time, a mule of what should be the other SUV also derived from Argo, was spotted in Jundiaí (SP) with a high dose of camouflage and even trying to cheat like a sedan by the large 3rd volume.

This new bust, kindly provided by OverboostBR, is the new Fiat SUV treated as Project 376. It had already been spotted abroad, in snow tests in Sweden, and although sources linked to the brand have denied that it was something for the Brazilian market, these new images belie and lead us directly to 376. The revenue adopted by Fiat will be similar to that of VW with the duo T-Cross and VW Nivus, with the 376 being a more “radical” option visually.

Bust: Fiat 376 (SUV coupe)
Bust: Fiat 376 (SUV coupe)

Don’t be fooled by the sedan look. Underneath the very heavy camouflage, the 376 has a style that we knew in 2018 during the Auto Show. The Fastback concept, no matter how much it was on a Toro, indicates the visual line that we will find in this new SUV based on the Argo platform. From the concept, the front will be used in the restyled Toro while the SUV-Coupe style will be the reference of the second SUV from Fiat.

Fiat Fastback Concept 2019 From the Fastback concept, the 376 will be inspired by the coupe body – and that’s it!

Obviously, the dimensions will also be smaller than those of Fastback. As we mentioned above, the relationship between the 363 and the 376 will be like T-Cross and Nivus, but without the wheelbase difference applied to VW models – it could be something like the Sportback body for Audi models like the Q3 and Q5 , for example. The test mule we see carries Argo’s doors and mirrors, which may already be indicative, as well as the front in the shots made abroad very similar to what we saw until then in the 363.

More details can be given when we know the definitive 363, something that will happen in May, despite the launch in the third quarter of 2021. They should divide components of the body, interior and mechanics that, it seems, will be composed of the 1.3 aspirated and 1.0 turbo from the GSE family (Firefly) produced in Betim with CVT and manual transmission.

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