Unknown currencies soar by up to 6,000%, businessman loses 7,000 BTC and extra income mining cryptocurrencies

Unknown currencies soar by up to 6,000%, businessman loses 7,000 BTC and extra income mining cryptocurrencies
Unknown currencies soar by up to 6,000%, businessman loses 7,000 BTC and extra income mining cryptocurrencies
Bitcoin had another optimistic week, showing the strength to turn the $ 58,000 level into support, a crucial level at this point in the long bullish rally of the largest cryptocurrency.

After closing the month with an increase of 17%, BTC managed to break the pessimistic maximum of March, historically considered a difficult month for cryptocurrency.

The currency opened the last week at $ 55,000, consistently rising to $ 59,000, a consolidated level over the past three days. The next resistance is now at the historic high, at $ 62,000.

Already the biggest alcohol, Ether, is in price discovery after definitively surpassing the $ 2,000 on Friday. ETH is now at the $ 2,100 level, bringing its monthly appreciation to 41%.

Among the other cryptocurrencies, Binance Coin continues to grow consistently, already exceeding $ 346 and accumulating the highest yields among the top 3 cryptocurrencies, up 53% in the last 30 days.

Outside the biggest altcoins, the meteoric appreciation of the DREP, which shot up 6,000% in one day on Tuesday, was a surprise. The rise took the currency to the Top 20 of CoinMarketCap, traded at $ 2.52.

The article was the most widely read by Cointelegraph Brazil, with the DREP surpassing currencies like Filecoin, Terra and Dogecoin to occupy the 16th. position among cryptocurrencies.

In another prominent news, businessman Stefan Thomas told how he lost 7,000 Bitcoins purchased in 2011, which today would be worth more than R $ 2.3 billion. He did not abandon the market and today forms the crypto startup Coil, which launched a campaign to distribute award Bitcoins.

Brazilian altcoins show strength

The week was a highlight for two very different Brazilian cryptocurrencies. The MCO2 token, backed by carbon credits by the Brazilian MOSS, rose 700% in the week and had great news: after being launched on the Bitcoin Market, it is now also listed on the global exchange ProBit. The cryptocurrency, which gets a sponsorship with Flamengo, still expects to rise 550% with the confirmation of the deal.

Vira-lata Finance, a DeFi protocol based on the meme of the caramel mongrel campaign for the R $ 200 bill in Brazil, also skyrocketed, pushed by a campaign on social networks. After skyrocketing, the DeFi currency caught the attention of Brazilian exchanges and will be listed on Brazil Bitcoin.

Vira-lata has even won as a companion another meme-based DeFi protocol: Kitty Finance.

An unemployed Brazilian also told how he is mining cryptocurrencies “to survive” and earns an income of R $ 2.3 thousand per month.

Still in the Brazilian cryptomercado, the NFTs fever is still on the rise. Leading artists like Pablo Vittar are entering the market to offer NFT releases. Other artists are supporting an NFT campaign to raise funds to combat child paralysis. Even former President Lula became an NFT.

On the other hand, Brazilian comic artist Mike Deodato is at war with Marvel and DC Comics after publishers banned NFT works already sold on Rarible, alleging copyright problems.

Brazilian youtuber Primo Rico was also in the news when he revealed that he was a partner in a Bitcoin exchange.

Finally, the Central Bank of Brazil also announced that it has released payments with WhatsApp Pay, with the participation of Visa and Mastercard.

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