Portuguese bet online 15 million euros a day

Portuguese bet online 15 million euros a day
Portuguese bet online 15 million euros a day
The second half of 2020 leaves a milestone in the history of online betting in Portugal. It was the period in which the Portuguese bet the most, whether on the websites of casinos or sports betting. According to the Games Regulation and Inspection Service, in the second half of the year, 3159.6 million euros were bet, up from the 2532.6 million registered between January and June.

In total, bookmakers (casinos and sports) received 5692.2 million euros last year – around 15 million euros of betting per day – which translates into a record figure.

This demand for online gambling was also reflected in the gross revenue of the companies holding licenses: 336.3 million after the payment of prizes.

It was another record compared to the data between 2017 and 2019: 122.6 million, 152.1 million and 214.7 million, respectively.

The tax collected by the State also went up in the last quarter: another 39.9 million euros. In the total for the year, the companies holding the 25 licenses (11 for the exploitation of sports betting at odds and 14 for the exploitation of games of chance) delivered 108.2 million euros to the tax authorities.

Preference for casinos

In online gambling, casinos – which will have benefited from the closure of physical structures – are the ones who collect the most bets. According to the Report of the 4th Quarter of 2020 – Registration of online gambling activity in Portugal, the Portuguese bet 4884.1 million euros on games of chance and among these the choice falls on games of machines that represent more than 71 % of total bets on this particular.

Next are French roulette (13.64% of the total) and bets on blackjack / 21 and poker games (“non-bank” and “tournament mode”), which together account for 5.84% of the total.

In the case of sports betting at odds – in which you bet on various items in a game and which also faced the stoppage of sport for a few months – football was the preferred mode, with 86.72% of the total bets. The next choices were basketball and tennis, respectively with 5.21% and 4.86% of the players’ choices.

Between 18 and 34 years old

The SRIJ document also has a portrait of who is registered on the different gaming platforms. And this radiograph shows that 60.6% of gamblers are between 18 and 34 years old, with a higher prevalence in the age group from 25 to 34 (37.7%). In the analysis of the data it is also known that 65.7% of the new players that had been registered until December 31 of last year were between 18 and 24 years old. The third age group that most plays online is between 35 and 44 years old.

A trend that the SRIJ services detected was that in the last three months of 2020 about 28.6% of the players played both in sports betting at odds and in games of chance. Which translates into an increase of 10.2%, when compared with the same counterpart of 2019, and 6.6% in relation to the third quarter of 2020.

At the end of last year, 72 thousand bettors had asked the different platforms to prevent them from playing, with 88.3% not having a specific period of exclusion and the rest stipulated a date to be admitted again.

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