Data from 533 million Facebook users are exposed on the internet – Link

Data from 533 million Facebook users are exposed on the internet – Link
Data from 533 million Facebook users are exposed on the internet – Link

Leak has big impact on Facebook, which has 2.74 billion users worldwide

Personal information about 533 million users Facebook users may be exposed in an internet forum, with data such as name, cell phone, occupation, city and marital status circulating on the network. In response to Estadão, Facebook confirmed the case, which represents a huge impact on the social network, which has more than 2.74 billion registered users worldwide.

In all, 107 countries on the five continents may be affected, such as the United States, United Kingdom, Argentina, Uruguay, France, Germany. Brazil may also be exposed, with information of 8.1 million users reached of a total of 145 million active users in the country. Estadão found, the information collected will go until 2019.

The leak was first posted in June 2020 on an open internet forum, where data can be indexed by search engines like Google and Bing, unlike what happens on the dark web, where hackers and other criminals exchange illegal information. On January 12 of this year, however, another hacker tries to sell on the same forum a tool that performs automated searches in the database, allowing people to easily find phone numbers connected to various Facebook accounts. The case came to light this Saturday, 3, after a report by the specialized website Business Insider.

“Bad agents will certainly use this information for social engineering, scams, hacking and marketing,” said co-founder of Israeli cybersecurity firm Hudson Rock, Alon Gal, who reported reported the case worldwide.

To Estadão, Facebook says that “these data are old and were reported in 2019, the result of a vulnerability that we found and corrected in August of that year”.

For Felipe Daragon, CEO of the Brazilian cybersecurity company Syhunt, there is no need for Brazilian users to panic about the incident because passwords were not disclosed at the base, so the accounts, in principle, cannot be hacked so easily. “The reason for panic has already happened, which is the exposure of data from the January mega leak, a monstrous base”, says Daragon. However, with this series of leaks that have been occurring in recent months, people may be more prone to scams.

“Hackers now have data on a series of leaks that have been occurring, consolidated in larger banks through crossings,” explains the expert. “With each new incident, there is yet another piece of the puzzle about people’s lives, our personal details.”

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