Empiricus and Bitcoin Market close partnership in promotion that pays up to R $ 100 for new customers

Mercado Bitcoin, Brazil’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, and Empiricus have entered into a partnership to help investors in the world of cryptocurrencies in a cashback program that involves signing the ‘Crypto Legacy’, a course aimed at the crypto market.

According to the regulation on the exchange website, whoever purchases the Empiricus product from April 5th to May 5th can receive credits on the Bitcoin Market platform, considering the following rules:

All active Bitcoin Market customers who purchase the ‘Crypto Legacy’ subscription plan will be awarded R $ 50, as long as they have not exercised the right of repentance – which are the seven days provided for by law. The same benefit will receive the Empiricus customer who purchased the course when opening an exchange account.

Therefore, those who do not have an exchange account and have not acquired the platform course can earn R $ 100, following the promotion links provided by the support of the Bitcoin Market. It is worth remembering that the promotion is only valid for the product called “Crypto Legacy”.

Still regarding the regulation, the credit of the amounts described will be made directly in the account that the customer maintains or opens on the Bitcoin Market platform, that is, no credit referring to this promotion will be made in the Subscriber’s Area of ​​Empiricus. “And it cannot be converted to purchase other products sold by Empiricus”, says the publication.

Click here to read the regulation in full.


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