Embrapa signs partnership and will map production in the Amazon

A Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation (Embrapa) signed a partnership with the Servir-Amazônia program to map agroforestry and perennial agriculture systems in the state of Pará. The program gathers cutting-edge geospatial technology that will be applied in the region to support decision making by city halls, institutions and local communities.

Agroforestry system -Ronaldo Rosa

Agroforestry system -Ronaldo Rosa

Photo: Ronaldo Rosa / Embrapa Disclosure

The objective is to create pilot maps and establish land cover patterns to identify the presence of agroforestry systems and the cultivation of cocoa, palm, açaí and citrus in different regions of Pará. The mapping work will use public images from NASA satellites and European and Japanese space agencies.

According to the chief general of Embrapa Amazônia Oriental, Adriano Venturieri, the purpose of the work is to fill information gaps and improve the systems for monitoring land use and coverage in the Amazon in progress.

“We have difficulty in mapping cacao, which is often confused with capoeira (secondary vegetation)”, he exemplifies. In addition, this cultivation is usually done under forest fragments or within systems. “And the optical sensors in use today do not detail this difference. So, practically everything is done in the field ”, he adds.

Cocoa- Agroforestry Systems in the Amazon

Cocoa- Agroforestry Systems in the Amazon

Cocoa- Agroforestry Systems in the Amazon

Photo: Vinicius Braga / Embrapa Disclosure

Venturieri also says that the service uses a combination of more accurate sensor images and some field validations to develop coverage classification algorithms and thereby automate the mapping.

“The work generates information that directly contributes to the elaboration of public policies aimed at the agricultural development of the region, such as zoning of climatic, ecological-economic risk; environmental and others, ”he says.

The work, initially planned for two years, will be carried out in nine municipalities in Pará, and should generate products and services permanently in the region through the use of public images and the training of local teams.


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