Data stolen from half a billion Facebook users leaks online

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About 533 million user data from the Facebook were stolen and leaked on the internet by a hacker, according to

, chief technology officer at Hudson Rock, a digital intelligence company.

The leak included phone numbers, full names, locations, dates of birth, biographies and, in some cases, even people’s email addresses.

The criminal, who would not be a “very advanced” knowledge hacker, obtained data from at least 100 countries, with 32 million users coming from the United States and another 11 million from the United Kingdom. In Brazil there were more than 8 million leaks.

In his Twitter profile, Gal, who discovered the leak on Saturday (3), said that “a database of this size containing private information can make several people take advantage of the data to perform social engineering crimes or hacking attempts. “.

A CNN contacted Facebook, and, according to a spokesman, “the data is old and was reported in 2019, the result of a vulnerability that was corrected in August of that year”. The fact is that the leaks, even being old, became the focus of security experts this Saturday, in 2021. You have to wait and see.


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