See what to do to get more limit on the Nubank card

Increase the credit card limit is a common desire among customers of the Nubank. In many cases, the fintech releases only R $ 50 for monthly expenses, arguing that the amount is defined based on a series of factors considered in its automatic credit analysis made by algorithms.

However, it is not difficult to find out what the digital bank takes into account when offering more credit. Like several other institutions, Nubank considers the customer’s history, that is, the information that already exists about him in the market.

Tips for increasing the Nubank limit

Knowing how the credit analysis is done, just follow some simple tips to achieve a higher limit. Check out which ones:

  • Gather all or most of your spending on the card;
  • Use the entire limit already available;
  • Do not delay payment of invoices;
  • Anticipate the payment of installments;
  • Pay the full amount of the invoice;
  • Avoid revolving credit; and
  • Keep your income information up to date in the app.

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It is still possible to obtain more credit by purchasing products and services from fintech, as with the hiring of Nubank Vida insurance, opening of a digital account and investment in the broker Easynvest, recently bought by Nubank.

Another thing that the user cannot fail to do is request a direct limit increase in the application. Just click on the “Limit Adjustment” option and inform how much you want to be able to spend.

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