Brazilian artists announce NFT art auction to treat child paralysis

Brazilian artists announce NFT art auction to treat child paralysis
Brazilian artists announce NFT art auction to treat child paralysis
Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) are digital representations of unique, non-fungible, collectible items with digital scarcity verifiable by blockchain. They can represent a wide range of things, from sporting goods to virtual real estate and digital cars.

Because they are not interchangeable with other tokens, they cannot be used as currencies, but are valuable as an exclusive property. To date, many works have been transferred to blockchains as NFTs, including, but not limited to drawings, paintings, code-generated art and GIFs.

NFT technology has created a new way to monetize, transact and reward artists for their creations and provide proof of provenance and authenticity via decentralized protocols. As a result, the NFT market already has more than $ 9 billion in market capitalization. With the two most valuable NFTs in the world, from the artist beeple raising over millions: Crossroad is currently quoted at $ 6,600,000.00 (3,426,906 ETH) and Everydays: the first 5000 days is worth $ 69,346,250.00 (36,005,696 ETH).

With the popularity of the sector, some ‘works’ also started to be sold to help social causes. One example is the CEO of Twitter who sold a tokenized representation of his first tweet (an artifact!) For more than 1630 ETH / 50 Bitcoins, about $ 2.9 million. The amount was converted to Bitcoin and donated to GiveDirectly, an organization focused on combating poverty in Africa.

On the purpose of NFTs, Vitalik Buterin says:

“A result in a social context is legitimate if people in that context widely accept and play their part in enacting that result[…] If NFTs simply became a casino that largely benefits already wealthy celebrities, that would be a far less interesting outcome. “

The Brazilian NFT Collection ” Jojo goes to Russia ”

Joining the movement to experiment and explore the potentials of the NFT, Brazilian artists came together to create a ” Jojo goes to Russia ” collection, whose goal, like all others, is to make money, but that money has a special purpose .

The amount collected for the works will be donated to JOJO, a child with a mutation in the MEF2C gene. She is going to Russia to perform an allogeneic cord blood transfusion for infantile cerebral palsy. But to make this trip, it needs R $ 250,000.00.

This disorder is responsible for causing difficult to control epilepsies, autism and movement disorders. But, as a good adventurer, she is prepared to explore new lands and treatments with the potential to help both her and many other children.

In addition to financing JOJO’s trip to Russia, the collection aims to show how NFT is a tool whose possibilities are limitless and can be used for incredible purposes. While it offers its courage, we explore the NFT as a sophisticated system capable of decentrally financing new treatments capable of curing many children.

The gear is available at OpenSea and bids can be made until April 21st. After the auction closes, the token is automatically transferred to the winner’s Ethereum wallet. And the money collected from the Auction will be automatically transferred to the portfolio of the person responsible for JOJO.

NFTs Works and Artists

Ascension I, by Shima: it’s about healing. How we connect stars in the sky and dream of flying, learning and replicating the model of paper airplanes. The memory of the folding process becomes a drawing, with an idea of ​​space that comes to our eyes, offering us the experience of flying / dreaming, in search of a cure.

HOMUNCULUS by Lukazvd: Homunculus is our true form. Each of us has a true and constantly changing shape, which we do not show the world. He defines us as much as we define them. Who is the real human? The aquarium in the form of a visible person or the guppy that lives inside it?

Just Emojis 1 by tonydemarco: Emojis came from Japan and conquered the world. They came out of cell phones and are everywhere, proving (again) that a picture is worth a thousand characters. Each platform has its own version of these icons and I always thought that all of them are ugly to hurt. I stopped complaining and decided to redraw them. I present here the missing Emojis.

Couroupita guianensis by Monica Rizzolli: Couroupita guianensis (Apricot-of-monkey) is part of the Jardim Tropical series that explores the relationship between flora and Brazilian geometry.

MamaPixel by Mix: part of the collection of pixel self-portraits inspired by a cryptic persona nicknamed MamaPixel 1.

Arraial Das Cores by Dora Burnquist: NFT acrylic art, part of the Arraial das Cores series in which she works with vivid tones and shapes related to Brazilian culture, coming only from her memory of her times in Brazil.

EXPRESSION 9 by NinoArteiro: a tropical Neo-Expressionist DeArt that is part of the EXPRESSIONS series.

In addition to the bids in the collections, you can also help with donations in cryptocurrencies (bitcoin, ethereum, binance coin, tether, monero, dash, unisawp) on the platform and by Vakinha.

Currently, JOJO has raised R $ 35,313.00 from more than 292 supporters.

Place your bid and donation and send the Auction link to everyone who should be part of this story.

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