R $ 6 million Mega-Sena: what are the hottest numbers in the draw? | Lottery

R $ 6 million Mega-Sena: what are the hottest numbers in the draw? | Lottery
R $ 6 million Mega-Sena: what are the hottest numbers in the draw? | Lottery
Another Saturday arrived, and with it also comes a new draw for the Mega-Sena. Tonight (3), the 2358 lottery contest can pay R $ 6 million to anyone who gets all the numbers drawn right. Bets are already open and you can bet at home with Mega Lotteries.
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This Saturday’s prize corresponds to R $ 6 million

In addition to playing with all the safety and comfort of the home, the bettor has access to a series of statistics, tips and exclusive games to increase the chances of being awarded at the Mega-Sena. By the way, Mega Loterias separated two groups of numbers that, statistically, have a good probability of appearing in this Saturday’s draw.

+ Access Mega Lotteries and bet without leaving home

These two groups are those of the dozens most often drawn in the Mega-Sena contests and those of the numbers that have not appeared in a lottery contest for a long time. Statistically, they appear frequently in the draws.

It is important to make it clear that this does not guarantee that they will be drawn tonight, just that there is a tendency for some of them to show up. In Mega-Sena rhythm, we separated the six numbers of each of the groups in the following lists:

Dozens more often drawn

10 – 269 times

53 – 268 times

42 – 259 times

05 – 258 times

33 – 257 times

04/23 – 256 times

Dozens later

15 – 63 draws

01 – 42 draws

26 – 42 draws

43 – 33 draws

37 – 30 drawings

39 – 29 draws

Build your games with them

Want to play games with the numbers above? Access Mega Lotteries and use our Monte Seu Jogo virtual steering wheel to bet as you wish. Choose from 6 to 15 numbers and compete for the R $ 6 million from Mega-Sena. Starting at R $ 6, you place a bet that can make you the newest millionaire in the country!

Bet with draws

There is a way to increase your chances of being rewarded without spending, through the Mega Lotteries jackpot. With them, you acquire a share of a group with tens, hundreds and even thousands of bets. They are designed by lottery betting experts, who use mathematical techniques to optimize games. In the event of a prize, the total prize amount is divided by the number of shares in the prize pool.

Easter duo is at Mega Lotteries

The Easter Double 2021 can pay R $ 30 million on April 17 (the draw was postponed due to the pandemic). For the first special lottery of the year, Mega Lotteries has prepared more than 20 exclusive games that multiply your chances of winning!

There are games of all types and values ​​starting at R $ 5. Some top draws offer up to more than 4 thousand chances for a prize. Choose the one that has your face and compete.

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