IBM and Ministry of Science sign partnership for blockchain training in Brazil

IBM and Ministry of Science sign partnership for blockchain training in Brazil
IBM and Ministry of Science sign partnership for blockchain training in Brazil
IBM closed a partnership in Brazil to develop blockchain training for around 10,000 students. The partnership was with the Brazilian Industrial Research and Innovation Company (EMBRAPII / MCTI), linked to the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovations.

IBM is one of the main technology companies in the world, with operations in several areas. One of the segments in which the company works is in the consortium Hyperledger, in partnership with Linux Foundation.

Thus, the company is one of the main ones working with private blockchains. In addition, applications in artificial intelligence, IoT, among others, have great influence from IBM.

IBM and MCTI close partnership for major training in Brazil

The federal government in Brazil has been looking for ways to digitize its services since 2020. One of the challenges of this innovation, however, is finding qualified workers for the service.

The government estimate is that the country trains approximately 46 thousand technology professionals per year. However, with the current demand in the sector, it would be necessary to train at least 70 thousand workers in the sector.

Thus, through the IBM Skills Academy program, 10,000 students from Brazilian universities will have access to extracurricular innovation content. With a duration of five years, the program should train new professionals, helping the technology sector.

The announcement was made by the Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation, Marcos Pontes, last Wednesday (31). All courses will be offered free of charge.

Blockchain technology will be studied in the “Trail to the Future” program

The program Trail to the Future was announced last Wednesday, together with the president of IBM in Brazil, Katia Vaskys. According to her, this partnership will help Brazil’s progress.

“It is an honor to participate in this ceremony and announce the partnership between EMBRAPII and IBM Brasil. A partnership that will have a positive impact for young people and for the progress of our country ”, said Katia.

Among the courses on the trail, students will learn about blockchain technology. In addition, cybersecurity, hybrid cloud, quantum computing, artificial intelligence and more.

Minister Marcos Pontes, a former astronaut, said that education and professional training are highly valued. According to him, Brazil has a struggle to transform knowledge into innovation, so it is essential to have qualification.

Education and innovation must go together, stated Minister Marcos Pontes

Happy with the initiative, Marcos Pontes thanked all the servants of his ministry and IBM Brazil. According to him, education and innovation must go together, making clear his position that research and development are pillars for Brazil in the future.

“This fits into one of the priorities that we have given here at the Ministry, in digital transformation, internet of things, artificial intelligence”, quoted Pontes.

He recalled that he took professional training courses during his career, which helped him a lot. Former astronaut, Marcos Pontes was the first Brazilian to go to space, in 2006.

The minister believes that the new training will be fundamental to impact young people, and help the Brazilian science and technology sector. In a note, EMBRAPII stated that the courses will all be virtual.

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