Registration of emergency aid: Who has not updated the application will receive?

Registration of emergency aid: Who has not updated the application will receive?
Registration of emergency aid: Who has not updated the application will receive?
During the registration update period of the Box Has, many beneficiaries criticized the application system that had some errors during the procedure, making it impossible even to complete the update.

The President of Federal Savings Bank, Pedro Guimarães, guaranteed that the lack of inclusion of documents in the register will not prevent the beneficiary from receiving the new emergency aid.

“Anyone who does not perform the update can still receive it. It is important to carry out the update to reduce potential problems, but it does not prevent the receipt of the aid, ”said Pedro Guimarães, when presenting the payment schedule for the new emergency aid, this Wednesday (3/31). “Failure to update does not result in receipt problems,” he confirmed.

The procedure requested by Caixa began on March 14 and ended last Wednesday (31). The update order was according to the users’ birthdates. However, many failed to complete the update. The bank’s president did not clarify the reason for the system failure, but said there would be another update period next month (May).

“We completed today the first registration cycle of Caixa Tem, but it is a service that will resume in May,” said the president of Caixa. He also stressed that the update cannot take place in April due to the beginning of the payment of the new installments of the emergency aid.

According to the payment schedule for the benefit that was announced last Wednesday (31), the first installment will be paid as of April 6 for approximately 40.4 million Brazilian citizens. As in 2020, the recipients will only be able to withdraw the benefit after a period, counting from the deposit date.

However, Guimarães explains that this is a strategy to avoid agglomerations in the branches of the Financial Institution, since many beneficiaries are already used to moving money without the need to withdraw or make transfers.

Emergency aid: timetable for extension was approved

Born on: Janeiro
1st installment 06 / Apr
Take out 04 / May
2nd installment 16 / May
Take out 08/jun
3rd installment 20/jun
Take out 13/jul
4th installment 23/jul
Take out 13/ago
Born on: February
1st installment 09 / Apr
Take out 06 / May
2nd installment May 19
Take out 10/jun
3rd installment 23/jun
Take out 15/jul
4th installment 25/jul
Take out 17/ago
Born on: March
1st installment 11 / Apr
Take out 10 / May
2nd installment 23 / May
Take out 15/jun
3rd installment 25/jun
Take out 16/jul
4th installment 28/jul
Take out 19/ago
Born on: April
1st installment 13 / Apr
Take out 12 / May
2nd installment 26 / May
Take out 17/jun
3rd installment 27/jun
Take out 20/jul
4th installment 01/ago
Take out 23/ago
Born on: May
1st installment 15 / Apr
Take out 14 / May
2nd installment 28 / May
Take out 18/jun
3rd installment 30/jun
Take out 22/jul
4th installment 03/ago
Take out 25/ago
Born on: June
1st installment 18 / Apr
Take out May 18
2nd installment 30 / May
Take out 22/jun
3rd installment 04/jul
Take out 27/jul
4th installment 05/ago
Take out 27/ago
Born on: July
1st installment 20 / Apr
Take out May 20
2nd installment 02/jun
Take out 24/jun
3rd installment 06/jul
Take out 29/jul
4th installment 08/ago
Take out 30/ago
Born on: August
1st installment 22 / Apr
Take out 21 May
2nd installment 06/jun
Take out 29/jun
3rd installment 09/jul
Take out 30/jul
4th installment 11/ago
Take out 01/set
Born on: September
1st installment 25 / Apr
Take out 25 / May
2nd installment 09/jun
Take out 01/jul
3rd installment 11/jul
Take out 04/ago
4th installment 15/ago
Take out 03/set
Born on: October
1st installment 27 / Apr
Take out May 27
2nd installment 11/jun
Take out 02/jul
3rd installment 14/jul
Take out 06/ago
4th installment 18/ago
Take out 06/set
Born on: November
1st installment 29 / Apr
Take out 01/jun
2nd installment 13/jun
Take out 05/jul
3rd installment 18/jul
Take out 10/ago
4th installment 20/ago
Take out 08/set
Born on: December
1st installment 30 / Apr
Take out 04/jun
2nd installment 16/jun
Take out 08/jul
3rd installment 21/jul
Take out 12/ago
4th installment 22/ago
Take out 10/set

Payment for Bolsa Família subscribers

The registered workers of Bolsa Família start receiving payment from April 16 and will follow the usual benefit schedule, which always happens on the last ten working days of each month.

Bolsa Família Calendar

Those enrolled in the program will follow this schedule below:

End of NIS 1st plot (April) 2nd installment (May) 3rd installment (June) 4th installment (July)
1 April 16th May 18th June 17 July, 19
2 April 19th May 19 June 18 July 20
3 April 20th 20 of May June 21th July 21
4 April 22 May 21 June 22 July, 22
5 April 23rd May 24th June 23 July 23
6 April 26 may 25th June 24 July 26
7 April 27 May 26th June 25th July 27
8 28th of April may, 27 June 28 July 28
9 April 29 May 28 June 29 July 29
0 April 30th may 31st June 30 July 30

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