How to pay slips through the Caixa Tem app

Caixa Tem (Android | iOS) is an app developed to receive government aid, such as FGTS, Bolsa Família or Emergency Aid. With it, you can view your balance of benefits, make withdrawals without a card, recharge cell phones and even make payments by bank slips.

If you want to pay your water, electricity, telephone or other bills, be aware that this procedure, in addition to being quick and practical, saves you from having to go in person to Caixa branches to make payments of this nature. Check out the step by step below!

How to pay slips through the Caixa Tem app

Step 1: open the Caixa Tem app on your mobile phone and log in with your Caixa account.

Open the Caixa Tem app on your mobile phone, click “Sign in” and log in with your account (Screenshot: Matheus Bigogno)

Step 2: on the app’s home screen, locate and select the “Pay your bills” item.

On the app’s home screen, find the option “Pay your bills” and select it (Screenshot: Matheus Bigogno)

Step 3: in the open conversation then, select the option “Read code with the camera” or “Enter barcode”. Stay tuned, as the limit is R $ 1,200 for bills in general and R $ 600 for accounts.

In the open conversation then, select one of the two options offered (Screenshot: Matheus Bigogno)

Step 4: if you have selected the reading with the camera, point it at the boleto and wait for the recognition.

Point the camera at the boleto’s barcode and wait for the app to confirm it (Screenshot: Matheus Bigogno)

Step 5: then enter the amount you want to pay and click “Submit”.

Then, enter the amount to be paid and send your reply to the conversation (Screenshot: Matheus Bigogno)

Step 6: the app will send an account breakdown so that you can verify that everything is correct. Check the data and click on “Yes, make the payment”.

Check the boleto details and, being all right, click on “Yes, make payment!” (Screenshot: Matheus Bigogno)

Step 7: in the next tab, enter your Caixa Tem password and confirm the action. Then, in the conversation itself, click on “See voucher” to receive it, if necessary.

In the next tab, enter your password and confirm the action (Screenshot: Matheus Bigogno)

Ready! Now you can pay slips through the Caixa Tem app, without having to go to a Caixa branch.

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