US wants meeting with Samsung and other companies to discuss chip market

The crisis exacerbated by increased demand for chips in the last months of 2020 has raised concerns at the White House. Therefore, the United States would be planning a meeting with companies in the industry sector to address the shortage of processors globally.

The event is scheduled for next April 12 and will have major companies in the electronics and automotive sectors. One of the companies that will be present is Samsung, although this confirmation has not yet been made official. The Korean manufacturer has plans to open its new semiconductor plant in Austin, Texas, with an investment of $ 17 billion.

According to the agency Reuters, the meeting will also count on representatives from Japan, to discuss a partnership aimed at compensating for the lack of these types of components. Joe Biden’s management would still prepare an injection of US $ 50 billion in the sector, with incentives for companies to open new factories in the country.

Me and CNBC reported that stress tests have already been carried out in the White House chip supply chain. In this way, it would be possible to stimulate a race to exist inventory of the components.

To top it off, the US would be betting that incentives in the technology sector could make the country again the driving force for economic growth globally, in order to achieve technological self-sufficiency – in the race against China.

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