Does MEI need to deliver the statement? Ask your questions!

The taxpayer who worked as Individual Microentrepreneur (MEI) in 2020 may need to declare Income Tax 2021. If the person falls under one of the IRS rules, sending the declaration do IRPF 2021 it will be necessary.

IRPF 2021: Does MEI need to deliver the declaration? Ask your questions!
IRPF 2021: Does MEI need to deliver the declaration? Ask your questions! (Marcelo Camargo / Agência Brasil)

Currently, Brazil has millions of active individual Microentrepreneurs. Despite the large number of professionals who work as MEI, not all need to submit the 2021 Income Tax return.

Only the condition of MEI does not oblige the taxpayer to send the declaration. Obligation applies to those who meet one of the criteria defined by the Federal Revenue Service. The criteria that require delivery to the MEI and to the individual are the same.

Calculation of the taxable part

An important point to consider in order to know if the MEI should declare the Income Tax is the profit obtained in 2020. In general, whoever had taxable income above R $ 28,559.70, needs to be accountable to the tax authorities.

In the case of MEI, a portion of the revenue in this category is exempt from taxes. Therefore, it should not be considered for this ceiling. In order to discover the portion considered taxable, the MEI must calculate the percentage exempt from billing – which varies by activity – and subtract it from the total.

The calculation of the exemption is based on the percentage defined on the total annual revenue. According to Renault’s tax lawyer, Zattar, Da Gama & Rodrigues Pires Advogados, Tadeu Puretz, to O Globo, the percentage It’s:

  • 32% for services;
  • 16% for passenger transportation;
  • 8% for trade or industry.

After the calculation, the person will know if he / she has taxable income above this ceiling. If so, filling in the IR 2021 statement must be completed.

In view of this, the party that has no tax incidence must be declared on the form “Exempt and Non-Taxable Income”.

Me and remaining part should be inserted in “Taxable Income Received from Legal Entities”, with the CNPJ of the microentrepreneur as the paying source.

If the MEI keeps the monthly bookkeeping – who is able to detail the profit as a legal person regularly to the Federal Revenue – the entire amount will be exempt at the time of the declaration. In this situation, the person can still deduct expenses related to the activity performed from the total.

In considering this case, the accountability will only be necessary if the amount exceeds the ceiling of R $ 40 thousand in exempt income. Despite this, this practice generally requires professional assistance from accountants, as it needs detailed control of the financial flow.

IRPF 2021 Declaration is different from the Annual Declaration of Simples Nacional

It is worth noting that the IR statement is different from the Annual Declaration of the National Simple of the Individual Microentrepreneur (DASN-SIMEI).

If the income tax return can be dispensed with, the DASN-SIMEI must already be done by all microenterprises. It must be delivered by May 31st.


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