After Ford, Renault and Nissan may also close factories in Brazil

The information was passed on by former President Carlos Ghosn. Brazilian car market fell from 4 million units / year, with Lula, to just 2 million, with Bolsonaro and Guedes edit

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247 – The shrinking of the Brazilian car market, which fell from 4 million units / year with former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, to just 2 million / year, with the duo Jair Bolsonaro and Paulo Guedes, can make new victims, afterwards the departure of Ford, which closed its factories in São Paulo, Bahia and Ceará. “The weakest will leave Brazil, which always happens in major crises. Among the weakest, I mention the Alliance (Nissan-Renault) ”, said Carlos Ghosn, former president of the company, in interview published this Saturday in Veja magazine.

“To compete in Brazil it is necessary to have a strong assembler, willing to overcome the specific cycles of the local economy, and, if the company does not have this desire, it will be leaving and entering the country all the time, firing and hiring, stopping This stop and go is very bad for the brand and for the employees “, he says.

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