Former President Lula is transformed into an NFT token worth R $ 125 in the market

The explosion of virtual works market that are registered through NFT tokens is successful in Brazil and in the world, and even the image of former President Lula (PT) has been transformed into an NFT token.

According to an announcement on the BakewySwap platform, Lula was transformed in an NFT token that costs approximately R $ 125 in the market, or 20 BAKE, considering the current quote for the cryptocurrency BakeryToken (BAKE) this Thursday (1).

Created by the artist Black Yellow Start, the image presents a work of art based on the figure of former President Lula during his inauguration in the first term, still in 2003.

NFT token Lula

O Black Yellow Start artist decided to create an NFT token with the image of Lula which is available at BakerySwap for only 20 units of Bake. Called “Lula Lula ‘, the artwork represents a gif that shows the ex-president with the presidential sash crossing his chest.

Furthermore, the background of the digital artwork alternates between various colors, giving the impression of movement to the file created in Gif. With a smile on his face, the image of the former president of Brazil is pixelated, and has little clarity.

Created last Monday (29), so far the elected Lula NFT token has not yet been sold at BakerySwap. This may be the first token of its kind to use the image of the former president of Brazil.

Lula’s NFT token is sold for R $ 125 (Reproduction: BakerySwap)

Pabllo Vittar announces token

Digital works in NFT token format are winning over Brazilian artists who are already working on projects in this market. In addition to the image of Lula created in the Bakery Swap, this is the case of the singer Pabllo Vittar.

Recently, she published on Twitter that she is working on a major NFT project that should soon be released to the singer’s audience, owner of hits like “Flash Pose” and “Amor de Que”.

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