Ethanol rises almost 18% in March; gasoline is up 12% and approaches R $ 6 | Economy

Ethanol rises almost 18% in March; gasoline is up 12% and approaches R $ 6 | Economy
Ethanol rises almost 18% in March; gasoline is up 12% and approaches R $ 6 | Economy
Gasoline accumulates a high of 54%, while diesel rose 41%Gilvan de Souza / Agency The Day


Published 04/01/2021 5:22 PM

In March, there was a double-digit increase in the prices of fuels most used in automobiles practiced by distribution stations. According to the Ticket Log Price Index (IPTL), ethanol increased 17.97% last month compared to February, reaching an average price of R $ 4,599 per liter. Gasoline, on the other hand, rose 12.06%, to R $ 5.717.

The survey carried out in the first half of March already pointed out that ethanol had surpassed the R $ 4.00 mark.

With the end of the month, fuel was found at the highest average value in the South Region, at R $ 4.774. The lowest price was in the Midwest, at R $ 4.412.

For gasoline, the most expensive average price was recorded in the Midwest Region, at R $ 5,800, and the cheapest was in the South, at R $ 5,528.

“For both fuels, the Southeast Region presented the biggest increase in prices. Ethanol advanced 21.47% in gas stations, and gasoline, 13.14%”, highlights Douglas Pina, Head of Urban Market at Edenred Brasil, parent company of Edenred Brasil Ticket Log.

Among the states, Acre has the most expensive gasoline in the country, and registered an increase of 12.44% in prices, to R $ 6.166 per liter. Amapá kept the gasoline cheaper, at R $ 5.285, after the average price increased 14.87%. The highest increase was registered in Roraima, of 15.69%.

The lowest average price of ethanol was found in São Paulo, at R $ 3.904. The value is 20.94% above that recorded in February. Rio Grande do Sul, on the other hand, presented the highest value, at R $ 5.323, after an increase of 17.20%. The Federal District recorded the biggest advance, of 23.59%.

“When comparing the price of gasoline in March with that recorded in December, it is possible to notice a trajectory of consecutive increases over the surveys made in these first months of the year, which resulted in an average value per liter 22% higher. If the same comparison is made with ethanol, the increase in the period is over 24% “, highlights Pina.

The IPTL is an index of fuel prices raised based on the supplies made at Ticket Log’s 18 thousand accredited service stations, which manages 1 million, with an average of eight transactions per second.

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