Wizard and Hang criticize slowness and link vaccination to stagnant economy – News

Wizard and Hang criticize slowness and link vaccination to stagnant economy – News
Wizard and Hang criticize slowness and link vaccination to stagnant economy – News

Entrepreneurs Carlos Wizard, founder of the language school, and Luciano Hang, owner of the Havan chain, are campaigning to convince the federal government to allow their employees to vaccinate on their own, without depending on SUS.

The controller of the holding company Sforza defends the flexibility of the law that prevents the private initiative from buying and immunizing workers against covid-19 immediately. Beside Hang, Wizard classifies Law 14.125, sanctioned on March 10, 2021 by President Jair Bolsonaro, as “innocuous and unconstitutional”.

Today, the legislation even allows companies to buy vaccines already released for emergency use by Anvisa. But all immunizers must be donated to SUS (Unified Health System) for use within the scope of the PNI (National Immunization Program).

When vaccinations for the elderly, indigenous peoples, health professionals and members of the other priority groups are finished, businessmen will be able to purchase vaccines and arrange for the free application of half of the lot to their employees. The other half has to be passed on to SUS.

“There are almost 78 million Brazilians in priority groups who need to be vaccinated. How long will it take for SUS to do all of this immunization? The answer I got: five to six months,” Wizard reported in an interview with R7.

“We defend autonomy, freedom, work concomitant with the efforts of SUS. We want to bring health,” he said. “We understand that the solution to the health crisis is vaccines. From the moment you vaccinate, you unlock the economy, education, tourism, entertainment, churches, sports … The focus on the solution includes any project for make feasible [vacinas]obviously in the shortest possible time. ”

Hang goes to Wizard and demands speedy vaccination, according to him, an essential condition for the resumption of the economy. He points out that he did not fire any of the approximately 20 thousand employees, maintains employees of the risk group in the home office and stated that he made a profit in 2020, even with a good part of the physical stores closed.

The businessman from Santa Catarina says he follows, minute by minute, the immunization ranking and argues that, if he manages to buy doses, he will eliminate part of the SUS queue, since his employees would be vaccinated through the federal program.

Concerned with small business owners, once his business is solid and maintained, Hang promises to take care of the entire immunization process, by hiring private health professionals, and thus not burdening the public network.


Last week, Wizard went to Brasília, together with colleague Hang, to deliver a petition to the presidents of the Chamber, Arthur Lira (PP-AL), and the Senate, Rodrigo Pacheco [DEM-MG], Besides ministers, calling for change in legislation. The gesture contemplates the list of actions to reject the label that the group wants to skip the vaccination line, obtaining privileges in relation to the rest of the Brazilian population.

“I’m sorry. Whoever criticizes [a vacinação de funcionários de empresas paralelamente à campanha do SUS] forget that we are losing 3,000, 4,000 lives a day. There are 100 thousand deaths per month. Not even in a war you lose so much “, he shoots.

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Regarding the obligation to donate half of the vaccines to the PNI, Wizard sees the rule as duplicity, since by vaccinating employees, they automatically leave the SUS line. “We want to donate 10 million. Now if we are forced to donate in duplicate, we will accept. The problem is that even that we cannot do now.”


A sympathizer of President Jair Bolsonaro, as well as colleague Luciano Hang, Wizard says he recognizes the public sector’s commitment to solving the health crisis, but criticizes the bureaucracy and speed of the public machinery.

“We are in solidarity and, in support of SUS, we opened this movement. Several businessmen are sympathizers and we will do it for free, we have no commercial, economic or financial interest”, he highlights.

The entrepreneur preferred not to reveal which laboratories he has contact with to purchase immunizers. He just said that prices quoted in Asia and North America, so far, range from $ 7 to $ 10 per dose.

Judicial battle

Last Tuesday (30), Judge Valcir Espinholo, of the 21st Federal Court, allowed five more entities to use all vaccines purchased on their own exclusively for the immunization of their employees. Last week, the same magistrate had already declared a section of Law 14.125 unconstitutional, which determined the donation of all vaccines purchased by companies until Brazil vaccinated priority groups against the new coronavirus.

Wizard sees the legal movement as “a beginning” and understands that lower court decisions reinforce his argument that the rule is unconstitutional. However, for now, it rules out adopting the same strategy of unions and other entities that have judicialized the issue.

“We prefer to work with reasoning, convincing. We launched a petition that already has 300 thousand signatures. Our hope is that there will be progress in Congress, we have popular support and we hope that the issue will overcome the ideological-party issue,” he said. “We want to bring health. One of the items of the Federal Constitution is the government’s obligation to ensure health for the population. Now, as a businessman, I am unable to offer health,” he laments.

At its first meeting, last Wednesday (31), the Covid-19 National Coordination Committee for Coping with the Pandemic discussed the increase in participation in the private sector in vaccination and also the possibility of companies helping to open beds for treatment. of the disease.

On the occasion, the Minister of Health, Marcelo Queiroga, affirmed that the federal government received “with satisfaction” the proposals taken by Pacheco and Lira to the committee.

Using the same term adopted by Wizard to justify the need to vaccinate private sector employees and thus resume economic activity in the country, Lira classified the moment as “war” in which “anything goes” in fighting the pandemic.

To defend the possibility of expanding private participation, Pacheco cited the fact that enough doses have already been contracted to immunize the population, even though they have not yet been delivered. According to Queiroga, until yesterday, 560 million doses of vaccines have been contracted. However, only 34 million ended up being distributed.

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