Beef prices may rise in early April, says Safras

The physical market for live cattle continues to have firm prices. According to Safras & Mercado analyst, Fernando Henrique Iglesias, the scarcity of supply is routine at this moment, and slaughterhouses find it difficult to compose their slaughter scales.

“There remains the expectation around the behavior of prices in the resumption of negotiations after the extended holiday. The exchange rate movement throughout March was an important factor to motivate the slaughterhouses authorized to export to act more emphatically in the market. As usual, the counterpoint continues in domestic demand, with major questions about the average Brazilian’s ability to absorb new beef readjustments. Basically the macroeconomic situation in 2021 refers to the consumption of
more accessible proteins, emphatically chicken meat ”, he says.

In São Paulo, Capital, the reference for the “arroba do boi” was R $ 320 per arroba, compared to R $ 319 – R $ 320 in the fourth. In Goiânia (GO), the arroba had a price of R $ 300, unchanged. In Dourados (MS), the arroba was indicated at R $ 305, stable. In Cuiabá, the arroba was indicated at R $ 305, compared to R $ 304 – R $ 305. In Uberaba, Minas Gerais, the values ​​were R $ 310, against R $ 311.


In the wholesale market, beef prices were stable. According to Iglesias, the tendency is for prices to rise during the first half of April, considering the entry of wages as
motivator of the replacement between wholesale and retail.

With that, the rear cut followed at R $ 20.50 a kilo. The front cut was priced at R $ 17.50 a kilo, and the needle tip remained at R $ 17.30 a kilo.


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