CEEE-D is sold to Equatorial Energia at auction with a single bid | Rio Grande do Sul

“It is a very important concession, which will do Equatorial’s mix very well. It is in the segment of transmission, distribution, and even in a smaller portion of generation. Rio Grande do Sul is a state that promises a lot, which represents a great We promise to work around the clock, make the necessary investments to improve quality, “said Equatorial’s CEO, Augusto Miranda.

“We are living a historic date for Rio Grande do Sul. We started a privatization process with the sale of CEEE-D, soon after we will have the sale of CEEE-G and CEEE-T, of Sulgás, and in the second semester we will have road concessions, with modeling already being done also with important support from the National Bank for Economic and Social Development (BNDES). This sale for R $ 100 thousand comes with a set of obligations that is taken by the private initiative, starting with the investments themselves that are required in a concession contract and that the state company was unable to do “, says Governor Eduardo Leite.

The shares represent the shareholding control of CEEE-D, owned by Companhia Estadual de Energia Elétrica Participações (CEEE-Par), and were auctioned in a single lot. The company serves 1.6 million customers in 72 municipalities.

1 of 2 Opening of envelopes happened this morning (31) – Photo: Reproduction / Government of RS

Opening of envelopes happened on the morning of this Wednesday (31) – Photo: Reproduction / Government of RS

The Equatorial Energia Group is a holding company. It currently serves more than 10% of total Brazilian consumers and accounts for more than 6% of the country’s distribution market.

The companies that are part of the group are Equatorial Maranhão, Equatorial Pará, Equatorial Piauí, Equatorial Alagoas, Geramar, Equatorial Transmissão, Intesa, Equatorial Telecom, Sol Energia and 55 Soluções.

2 of 2 Governor Eduardo Leite hitting the hammer at the CEEE-D auction – Photo: Reproduction / Government of RS

Governor Eduardo Leite hitting the hammer at the CEEE-D auction – Photo: Reproduction / Government of RS

The auction was authorized after the Court of Justice suspended an injunction that prevented privatization.

The suspension had been granted on Sunday by the Justice of Bagé, after a popular action by the lawyer Gabriel Cremonini Barros. It was the second decision to interrupt the sale process of the state company.

Before that decision, another injunction, requested by members of the União Gaúcha in Defense of Social Security, had suspended the auction for a few days. The allegation was a violation of the Fiscal Responsibility Law, among other reasons, due to the initial bid amount being R $ 50 thousand, considered low. This injunction was also suspended.

A privatization of CEEE-D is one of the government’s measures to adhere to the Tax Recovery Regime with the Federal Government, which provides for the suspension of payment of installments of the debt. In May last year, the Assembly approved the withdrawal of the mandatory plebiscite for the sale of the company and, in July, authorized the privatization.

After that, the government signed a contract with the National Bank for Economic and Social Development (BNDES) to carry out the studies and modeling of the project.

According to the RS government, in addition to the financial crisis and the accumulation of debts, the company has not been reaching the goals of the economic and financial sustainability indicators established by the National Electric Energy Agency (Aneel). As a result, the company runs the risk of losing the concession.

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