Fiat skyrockets in sales and already exceeds 100 thousand cars

Fiat Argo: one of the four models of the Italian brand in the top 10 ranking of the first quarter.

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Fiat seems determined to be Brazil’s number one car brand again. After years of Chevrolet dominance, the Italian brand is the only one that has overcome the barrier of 100 vehicles sold in the first quarter. More than reaching 102.4 thousand accumulated sales in the year, Fiat opened 15.7 thousand cars of difference over the vice-leader Volkswagen and 27.6 thousand over Chevrolet, the current five-time champion (2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020 ).

Unlike Volkswagen and Chevrolet, which have production stalled in their factories. Fiat continues to produce in Betim (MG) and Goiana (PE). The shutdown of the VW and GM factories is temporary. In March alone, Fiat sold 38,000 cars, almost 15,000 more than Chevrolet. Regarding Volkswagen, the difference was smaller: 5.2 thousand. Fiat’s best-selling model is the Strada pickup, which took the lead in the overall car ranking.

Fiat 102.435 38.042
Volkswagen 86.693 32.873
Chevrolet 74.785 23.235
Hyundai 47.096 16.981
Jeep 33.997 11.401

To give you an idea of ​​how Fiat is circumventing the economic crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic, its sales in March are higher than the accumulated sales of all car brands from 5th place (Jeep, Renault, Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Ford, etc.). Fiat and Jeep belong to Stellantis, as do Peugeot, Citroën, Ram, Chrysler and Dodge. Fiat was the national sales champion for the last time in 2015, when it registered 439.2 thousand vehicles. If it keeps pace with the first quarter, the Italian brand will end this year with 408 thousand license plates.

Alone, Fiat has sold more cars in 2020 than the sum of three companies that are in the top 10 ranking of brands: Hyundai, Toyota and Honda. Together, the three Asian brands lose by 1,433 cars in accumulated sales. In addition to the Strada pickup, Fiat placed yet another car in the March 5 top ranking, the Mobi. Considering the accumulated sales of the first quarter, Fiat has four models in the top 10 ranking: Strada (small pickup), Toro (compact pickup), Mobi (subcompact) and Argo (compact hatch).

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