National Mining Agency closes 4 dams due to instability – News

This Thursday (1st), ANM (National Mining Agency) confirmed the ban on four more dams in the country due to lack of stability, the result of the first delivery campaign of the DCE (Declaration of Stability Condition) for the continuity of the operation this year.

Labourrie dams in the municipality of Calçoene (AP) were deactivated; Lagoa do Pirocaua, in Godofredo Viana (MA); Basin 07 Alto da Serra, in Corumbá (MS); and Serginho Dam, in Nossa Senhora do Livramento (MT).

Now, Brazil has 43 dams banned due to instability – another 39 dams have been banned since the last campaign, in September 2020.

However, the number has dropped since the beginning of the campaign’s publicity by the regulator, assessed the ANM Mining Dams Safety Manager, Luiz Paniago.

“When comparing the 2019 campaigns so far, we see that there is a trend towards an increase in the sending of positive DCEs. Another interesting point is the trend towards fewer dams built by the upstream method without DCE, which leads one to believe that the regulatory change promoted by ANM has had an effect, since some of these structures are being de-characterized or the reinforcement works, mandatory by Resolution 13 , reached the objective of increasing the Safety Factor of these dams and making them safer ”, he explained.

National Dam Safety Policy

The delivery of the DCE is mandatory for the operation of all the structures that are part of the PNSB (National Dam Safety Policy), must be prepared by the company and delivered in the months of March and September of each year.

Of the 438 dams currently inserted in the PNSB in the country, 395 have the DCE, 32 submitted the declaration not certifying the stability of the structures and 11 did not send the document in the legal period. The latter were automatically banned. In September 2020, 45 dams did not meet the requirements of stability.


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