Fiat Strada unveils Onix and becomes the best-selling vehicle in Brazil

Fiat Strada unveils Onix and becomes the best-selling vehicle in Brazil
Fiat Strada unveils Onix and becomes the best-selling vehicle in Brazil
The new vehicle market in Brazil has a new leader, the Fiat Strada, and it’s not a April 1st lie. As expected, the compact pickup continued to register more license plates and, thanks to a performance far superior to Onix, managed to surpass Chevrolet’s hatchback by 110 copies in 2021.

As a result, Strada ended the 1st quarter of 2021 with 28,869 registered units, against 28,759 for Onix. It is the first time in history that a utility like this has taken the lead in sales of 0 km models. In the last decades, the primacy of the post was divided by compact, more accessible and popular hatches.

The fact, however, was due to a ‘perfect storm’ that caused General Motors to reduce the production of its national vehicles in the face of a shortage of components, at the same time that the Covid-19 pandemic has been affecting the market at levels between automakers.

This phenomenon brought down sales of Onix and Onix Plus (another that shrank), which before the health crisis had more than 17 thousand and 8 thousand cars, respectively. Last month, the hatchback had 7,933 units sold while the sedan was no more than 5,450 vehicles.

Third in the month of March

Another model that took advantage of Onix’s moment of weakness was its rival HB20. What CAR showed this Wednesday, Hyundai had already surpassed Chevrolet, which ended up being confirmed at the end of the month. The HB20 obtained 8,012 plates, 79 units more than the Onix.

Three cars arrived at the end of the 1st quarter very close, the Jeep Renegade, the Gol and the Onix Plus, all with just over 19 thousand license plates. Fiat, the general market leader, placed other models in the Top 10, Toro, Argo and Mobi while the T-Cross SUV closed the list.

Among the 20 best-selling vehicles of 2021, SUVs dominated the ranking with eight models present. The compact hatches, in turn, occupied another seven positions in the accumulated.

Check out the ranking:

Pos. Model March Accumulated 2021 Difference
Fiat Strada 10.268 28.869
Chevrolet Onix 7.933 28.759 -110
Hyundai HB20 8.012 23.665 -5.094
Jeep Renegade 6.186 19.111 -4.554
Chevrolet Onix Plus 5.450 19.090 -21
Volkswagen Gol 6.891 19.013 -77
Fiat Toro 6.708 17.565 -1.448
Fiat Mobi 6.725 17.524 -41
Fiat Argo 4.995 16.237 -1.287
10º Volkswagen T-Cross 5.289 16.053 -184
11º Chevrolet Tracker 6.410 16.045 -8
12º Hyundai creta 6.173 15.065 -980
13º Jeep Compass 5.211 14.874 -191
14º Renault Kwid 5.094 13.895 -979
15º Volkswagen Nivus 3.918 10.865 -3.030
16º Honda HR-V 3.728 10.087 -778
17º Nissan Kicks 3.136 9.438 -649
18º Toyota Hilux 3.233 9.197 -241
19º Toyota Corolla 4.109 9.150 -47
20º Fiat Uno 4.451 8.473 -677

Check out the complete ranking of 2021:

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