Cooking gas will get more expensive

The kilo of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) produced at Petrobras refineries will, on average, be R $ 0.15 more expensive as of Friday, 2. The kilo of the product will be sold at R $ 3, 21 and the 13 kg canister, at R $ 41.68. According to the company, the increase reflects the movements in the international price of oil, used as an input in the production of the product, in addition to the exchange rate.

Petrobras does not report the change in percentage, but, according to industry sources, the price increase was 5%, on average.

This is the fourth increase of the year. In 2021, the number of readjustments and the increase percentages have been lower than those practiced in the gasoline and diesel oil trade.

In a note, the company states that “the values ​​practiced in refineries by Petrobras are different from those perceived by the end consumer in retail”. “Until it reaches the consumer, federal and state taxes are added, costs for filling by the distributors, in addition to the costs and margins of the distributing companies and resellers.”


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