Learn how to turn your debit card into a credit card

O Nubank is a digital bank that offers several products and services, including the debit card, linked to the digital account. But did you know that it is possible to turn this product into a card with function credit to parcel out your purchases? Here’s how to do it.

To use the debit card, you only need to have a digital account at fintech. However, in the case of the other product, the customer will need to undergo a credit analysis carried out by the company itself. Among other information, the bank will assess the applicant’s credit score.

The credit score is a score that indicates a person’s reputation in the financial market. The closer to 1,000, the greater the chances that that citizen will be able to afford his debts. It is worth mentioning that this is not the only point analyzed by Nubank, although it is very important.

For those who already have a debit card, simply access the fintech, fill in the requested data and confirm your request. If the order is denied, the customer can try again after three months.

There is also the possibility that the bank itself sends a message stating that it has made credit available to the user. In this case, just access the application and activate the function.

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