Petrobras increases cooking gas by 5% for distributors

Petrobras increases cooking gas by 5% for distributors
Petrobras increases cooking gas by 5% for distributors
Photo: REUTERS / Ricardo Moraes

A Petrobras will increase the average selling price of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) by 5% to distributors on Friday (2).

The value will be R $ 3.21 per kilo, with an average increase of R $ 0.15 per kilo, valid both for use in industries and for domestic use. The increase was confirmed by the state-owned company.

This is the 4th readjustment carried out by the oil company since the beginning of the year. According to the company, in a note sent to CNN Brasil Business, “the prices practiced by Petrobras are based on the import parity prices and, thus, follow the variations of the product’s value in the international market and of the exchange rate, up and down”. This Thursday (1st), at 3:38 pm, the American currency was up 1.24%, to R $ 5.7005.

The last readjustment carried out by Petrobras was on March 1, which left the price of kitchen gas cylinders practically stable at R $ 83.25, compared to an average of R $ 83.18 a week earlier. The highest value in the history of the fuel was found in the Midwest region, at R $ 120.00, even after the federal taxes were zeroed for the cylinder of 13 kilos of LPG.

“The values ​​practiced in refineries by Petrobras are different from those perceived by the end consumer in retail. Until reaching the consumer, federal and state taxes are added, costs for filling by distributors, in addition to the costs and margins of distributing companies and resellers”, explains Petrobras.

In a recent statement, the company stated that “taxes on cooking gas and diesel are already being zeroed at the time of purchase at refineries”.

Effects of the pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic has increased the consumption of cooking gas by Brazilians. In 2020, the increase was 5% in the consumption of the 13 kg canister compared to the previous year. Industrial LPG consumption fell by 2.3%.

The Energy Research Company (EPE) projects an increase of 1.7% per year for LPG demand until 2030, replacing the use of firewood and charcoal in rural areas, while in urban centers LPG loses space for piped natural gas. In a decade (2021-2020), LPG consumption rose 8.8%, according to data from the ANP.

According to the National Union of Liquefied Petroleum Gas Distribution Companies (Sindigás), Brazil has 19 LPG distributors, with four companies holding 80% of the market: Ultragaz (23%); Liquigás (21%); Supergasbras (20%) and Nacional Gás (18%).

(With Agência Estado)

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