Learn how to negotiate debts with Simples Nacional at a discount

Learn how to negotiate debts with Simples Nacional at a discount
Learn how to negotiate debts with Simples Nacional at a discount
Micro and small companies can now negotiate their debts with the Simple National to guarantee the discount in the amount of the fine and interest and installment of the debt. The measure, which benefits the businesses most affected during the pandemic, is valid for debts due between the months of March and December 2020.

The conditions for the renegotiation of Simples Nacional’s debts were defined by the Attorney General’s Office of the National Treasury (PGFN), through Ordinance 1,696. The deadline for negotiating debts and ensuring registration in the tax regime is until 7 pm on June 30.

How to do the renegotiation?

The renegotiation of debts with Simples Nacional will be carried out entirely over the internet. To do this, simply access the Regularize portal and select the options “Negotiate Debt” and “Access to the Negotiation System”.

It is worth noting that the process will be carried out in three stages. First, the taxpayer must complete the Declaration of Revenue or Income available on the website. Then, based on this information, PGFN will verify the entrepreneur’s ability to pay, and the page will provide an agreement proposal.

Finally, the taxpayer must check the conditions and confirm the adhesion. Once the agreement is made, it is enough to pay the first installment to effect the debt renegotiation with the special conditions. If payment is not made by the due date of the collection document, the agreement will be canceled.

Renegotiation conditions

Individual microentrepreneurs (MAY) and micro and small companies can request the renegotiation of debts from Simples Nacional that passed to the Federal Government’s active debt until May 31. It is worth noting that, this year, conditions are more accessible compared to 2020. At the time, the renegotiation contemplated only debts with lesser chances of recovery, while now the economic and financial impacts suffered in the pandemic will be evaluated.

For legal entities enrolled in Simples Nacional, the proposal will be an entry of 4% of the total debt amount, paid in up to 12 months, and payment of the remaining amount in up to 133 months.

For MEIs and micro and small companies, the discount will be up to 100% on the amount of fines, interest and other charges, up to the limit of 70% of the total debt amount. For debt renegotiation with Social Security, the installment payment can be made up to 60 times.

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