Emergency aid 2021: cash withdrawal starts May 4 – Business

Emergency aid 2021: cash withdrawal starts May 4 – Business
Emergency aid 2021: cash withdrawal starts May 4 – Business
The cash withdrawal of Emergency Aid 2021 will begin to be released from May 4. As in the past year, the benefit will be made available first on Caixa’s digital account – which can be transferred to another account or used for purchases at accredited establishments – and only later released for cash withdrawal.

The aid begins to be released next week for digital accounts, starting on April 6 for workers enrolled in the Cadastro Único or on the Caixa Tem website and app. The cash withdrawal, scheduled for next month, also follows according to the beneficiaries’ birth dates.

Thus, workers born in January, for example, can now move resources through the Caixa Tem application from April 6, but the cash withdrawal will only be available to the public on May 4. See the full calendar:

Family Allowance

For Bolsa Família beneficiaries, payments begin on April 16 and follow the schedule already established for the benefit.

For this audience, payments will be made in the same way as Bolsa Família, through Caixa Tem.

See the calendar for this audience:

Savings Account

How do I know if I will be entitled?

This Friday (2), workers will be able to consult if they will receive the new round of Emergency Aid. The consultation can be made on the Dataprev website.

The beneficiary must inform the CPF, full name, mother’s name and date of birth.

What are the values?

The government will consider family composition time to grant the new emergency aid. Check out the new payment ranges below:

  • Emergency aid of R $ 375: amount paid to female heads of household.
  • Emergency aid of R $ 250: this is the average amount and will be destined to families with two or more people, except those with mothers who are heads of the family.
  • Emergency aid of R $ 150: intended for families composed of only one person.

Who is entitled to receive?

  • Individual microentrepreneurs (MEI);
  • Individual Social Security Taxpayer
  • Informal worker.

As in the past year, the criteria for family income per person are between quite minimum wage (R $ 550) up to three minimum wages (R $ 3,300) in total, adding the incomes of all family members. Informal workers who received the benefit in 2020 should have access to the parcels again, but this time, only one person per family is eligible.

They cannot receive the aid:

  • Active formal employee;
  • Family member with monthly income above three minimum wages (R $ 3,300);
  • Non-foreign resident;
  • People receiving social security, assistance or labor benefits, except Bolsa Família and Pis / Pasep;
  • Scholarships, interns, medical residents or multiprofessional residents;
  • Who has received taxable income above R $ 28,559.70 in 2019;
  • Who had, on December 31, 2019, assets or rights with a total value greater than R $ 300 thousand;
  • Who received in 2019 exempt, non-taxable or exclusively taxed income, with a sum greater than R $ 40 thousand;
  • Has been included as a dependent, whether spouse, partner, child or stepson under the conditions set out in the previous three items;
  • You are imprisoned in a closed regime or have a CPF linked to the granting of imprisonment assistance;
  • Be under 18 years old, except teenage mothers;
  • Has had emergency aid in 2020 canceled;
  • Have not moved amounts of emergency aid in 2020.

See step by step to update the registration in Caixa Tem

See the calendar for updating the data


  • March 14: born in January
  • March 16: born in February
  • March 18: born in March
  • March 20: born in April
  • March 22: born in May
  • March 23: born in June
  • March 24: born in July
  • March 25: born in August
  • March 26: born in September
  • March 29: born in October
  • March 30: born in November
  • March 31: born in December

How to upgrade?

The update can be done entirely by cell phone, there is no need for the beneficiary to travel to a bank branch. He must access the application and follow the guidelines, clicking on “Update your registration”. Upon clicking, Caixa asks for a photo of the beneficiary and personal documents.

Necessary documents

  • CNH or RG
  • Proof of address
  • Photo of the beneficiary with one of the documents

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