Learn how WhatsApp deposits and payments will work

Have you thought about making transfers, deposits and payments through WhatsApp for individuals or companies? This will soon be possible. This Tuesday (March 30), the Central Bank authorized the implementation of the transfer program linked to the messaging application. The service applies to transactions involving Visa or Mastercard.

In a note, the Central Bank said that this authorization could “open new perspectives of cost reduction for users of payment services”. But how to download the service on the cell phone? O Metropolises explains the step by step. Until the day of the function’s release, however, there may be changes.

If your device is an IOS, follow these instructions:

  1. Open WhatsApp and tap on “settings” and then on “payments”;
  2. Touch Facebook Pay and then “continue”;
  3. Create a six-digit PIN (password) to be able to use in transactions and tap “forward”;
  4. Enter your full name, add your phone number and then the CPF;
  5. Fill in your credit card details;
  6. Touch “save”;
  7. Finally, check the card using a code that will be sent by SMS, e-mail or the bank’s own app. Once this is done, you can start making transactions.

Now, if your phone is Android, follow these steps:

  1. On WhatsApp, touch the three dots in the upper right corner and go to “payments”;
  2. Touch Facebook Pay and then “continue”;
  3. Create a six-digit PIN (password) to be able to use in transactions and tap “forward”;
  4. Enter your full name, add your phone number and then the CPF;
  5. Fill in your credit card details and tap “save”;
  6. Check the card by the code that can be sent in the SMS, bank app or by e-mail and, after that, you are already free to make payments through WhatsApp.

Brazilian central bank

Brazilian central bankFelipe Menezes / Metrópoles


Payments can be made by WhatsAppreproduction


Credit or debit?

For those who are wondering which function the application will release, credit or debit, the answer is simple: both, but with restrictions. For example, among individuals, the only action available is debt, but for companies that have business accounts on WhatsApp Business, credit is also released.

When will the service be available?

The Central Bank reported that WhatsApp will provide the functionality to customers as soon as the technical arrangements for this are finalized. There is still no date set for accessing the service, and the fee charged for transactions, according to the BC, will be defined by the application.

Despite there being uncertainties about the inauguration of the service, the news was celebrated by the company.

“We received with great satisfaction today’s decision from the Central Bank regarding the approval of our license application as a payment initiator, and we are committed to the final preparations to make this WhatsApp feature available in Brazil as soon as possible. Now, more than ever, secure and convenient digital payments offer a vital solution to quickly transfer money to people in need and assist companies in their economic recovery. We will share more information as soon as the payment function is available on WhatsApp ”, said the company in a note sent to Metropolises


According to experts, there are some risks in transactions through WhatsApp, since the application has its business focused on advertising, which implies the disclosure of user data. The new functionality, therefore, will allow the company to expand this information, entering bank data, being able to collect knowledge such as, for example, with whom the user carries out financial transactions, the frequency and values ​​of this bank transaction.

“Facebook has already undergone a series of legal measures due to the data leak, so there is a very high risk of hackers breaking into messaging applications and finding bank information. The problem is very serious, ”says lawyer Anna Dantas, who is a specialist in compliance and risk management.

For the lawyer, however, technology is an ally of efficiency. “Everything new is strange, just like pix, but then people start using it. I am sure that Facebook, in order to have this system approved by the BC, is already finalizing studies of heavy investment in cutting-edge cryptography to protect the leak of information, thus preventing the attack by hackers ”, says the lawyer.

Currently, there is also a bill that is pending in the Chamber and that can help with data protection. PL No. 4554/2020 inserts the crime of electronic fraud in the Penal Code. The penalty is imprisonment for four to eight years, in addition to the possibility of a fine.

“The crime of fraud, for example, has a penalty of one to five years, that is, it is less than what the bill intends to include as a crime in the Penal Code”, adds Anna.

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