Pix’s new rules are already in effect; Know what’s changed

Pix’s new rules are already in effect; Know what’s changed
Pix’s new rules are already in effect; Know what’s changed
As of this Thursday, 1st, some changes in the instant payment system will take effect Pix. Now, customers will also be able to manage the limits of operations through Pix directly through the bank application where they have an account. Before that, it was only possible to customize the limits for TED and debit card.

In this way, the customer will be able to define the movement limits according to your needs. If you choose to reduce the limit for operations via Pix, the order will be approved automatically. However, who needs more limit will depend on the institution’s analysis, which may approve the increase or not.

Even with the possibility of modifying the maximum value of transactions, the bank or fintech must set a ceiling for operations in order to ensure the safety of the customer. To define the limit, factors such as the day and time of the transaction, the channel used and account ownership will be considered.

Before the new rule, the Pix limit for transfers was the same as the TED limit, as established by each bank. For purchases, the maximum amount corresponded to the debit card limit.

Contact list integration

Another novelty is the integration of Pix with the contact list of the cell phone. This way, it will be easier to identify who registered the cell phone number as a Pix key in the tool, making operations even simpler and faster.

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In recent weeks, banks have reported on the possibility of informing other users of their cell phone number or e-mail address as registered with Pix keys and joining the modality. Customers who prefer not to make this data available should ask the institution to remove their Pix key from this list.

Data update

Also from this month, users will be able to update the data registered at Pix at any time, without the need to delete the existing key and generate a new one. This way, whoever changes their name after the wedding and wants to adopt the social name or even change the name of the establishment, in the case of individuals, can easily make the change.

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