airline serves meal in parked spaceships

ANA (All Nippon Airways), Japan’s largest airline, has started offering luxury dinners on parked planes. It is an attempt to overcome the crisis that is destroying aviation companies worldwide, due to the covid-19 pandemic. ANA tries to repeat the initial success that a company has achieved in Singapore.

ANA offers meals at two prices to customers. They can choose to stay in first class, for 59,800 yen (R $ 3,073), or in business class, for 29,800 yen (R $ 1,531). Dishes are served at Tokyo’s Haneda Airport in a Boeing 777.

There are two types of menus available to customers, one Japanese and the other international. People must choose in advance which types of food they will prefer.

ANA has already held an inaugural event, with around 60 guests at lunch and another 60 at dinner. People left satisfied, according to Japanese press reports.

The forecast is that the company will offer 22 lunches and dinners during the month of April, lasting about 3 hours.

The strategy of selling full meals on the plane is inspired by the action of Singapore Airlines, which was the first airline to offer this service, in two A380 superjumbos parked in Changi. The first tickets sold out quickly and cost about the same price in the first class. But the option in the economy class was more affordable, for 30 pounds (R $ 235).

The crisis generated by the pandemic has forced airlines to adopt creative strategies. British Airways, in the United Kingdom, Finnair, in Finland, and ANA itself are selling meals with home delivery at popular prices.


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