see options to celebrate in time

see options to celebrate in time
see options to celebrate in time
Shop sells chocolate eggs for Easter
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Easter is approaching and anyone who has not yet secured their chocolate egg does not need to risk leaving the house. To have a sweet and safe Easter next Sunday, it is possible to count on several product delivery applications, which guarantee that they will arrive in time for the celebration.

For those who have not yet scheduled for the Sunday family celebration, you can make your shopping list and receive everything at home minutes after the confirmation of the order or schedule the best time for delivery. It can be from the simplest and most common Easter eggs sold in large supermarkets to the most sophisticated ones, from brands like Lindt and Kopenhagen.

The applications work with their own stores, such as Americanas, or partners, such as iFood, Cornershop and others. Even chocolate stores have also invested to create their own delivery solutions. Cacau Show, for example, has partnered with the Uber Direct service for same-day deliveries.

See the main services to guarantee your Easter at the last minute.


The application allows you to shop in several stores and supermarkets with special promotions for Easter, such as Carrefour, Mundial, Condor, Mercadinho São Luiz, Nordestão, among others.

Deliveries can be made in less than an hour after order confirmation or at a scheduled time.

Lacta ao Leite Easter Eggs are 40% off, in addition to free shipping for Nestlé and Lacta eggs. In addition, Kopenhagen products have a cashback of R $ 30 for purchases over R $ 150, while those of Brasil Cacau give a cashback of R $ 20 for purchases over R $ 100.


The iFood Market category works with thousands of establishments in all regions of the country, such as the Carrefour, Dia, BIG, Lopes, Barbosa, Hirota chains, among others. The Easter special action has discounts of 30% on Lacta and Mars products, and 20% on Arcor items. In addition, Nestlé products have a R $ 15 coupon available and Hershey’s has a “Take 5, Pay 4” promotion.

IFood also has several other options for Easter eggs from brands such as Dengo, Mercadinho Dalva and Dito, Benjamin a Padaria, Amor aos Pedaços, Confeitaria Dama, Cacau Show and Outback. In the app, the customer can make grocery shopping to prepare the Easter lunch, or order ready-made food at one of the partner restaurants.


The company that belongs to Uber is specialized in supermarket delivery, working with brands such as Atacadão, BIG, Carrefour, Extra, Hirota, Maxxi, Pão de Açúcar, Roldão and SAM’s Club. Users can buy everything from traditional Easter lunch items, such as cod and vegetables, to the most common Easter eggs.

In addition to the supermarkets, the user can choose items from brands such as Lindt, Kopenhagen, Ofner, Casa Bauducco, Mr Cheney, B.LEM, Creme de la Creme, Biscoitê and Baskebun.

Cornershop claims that deliveries are made within 90 minutes of order confirmation or at the scheduled time.


The Americanas app has several special offers for Easter, with fast delivery of up to three hours. However, in some stores the system already informs you in advance that delivery is only made the next day. It is possible to see the term in the list of stores presented by the application.

In some chocolates, there are discounts of up to 40%. For Easter eggs D’elicce with themes like Hello Kitty, LOL, Nerf, Transformers and Turma da Monica, among others, there is a 15% cash back. Depending on the type of purchase, Americanas requires a minimum order of R $ 150. In other cases, there is no such limit.

Cocoa Show

The chain of fine chocolate stores focused its strategy for this Easter on digital channels due to the restrictions caused by the pandemic. To ensure same-day delivery, the network has entered into a partnership with the Uber Direct service. However, customers need to make the purchase directly with the store, via phone or WhattsApp. When doing a search on the Cacau Show website, the deadline for delivery is three working days.

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