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Get ready to pay a few more euros to top up your car’s deposit. Fuel prices will rise next week, becoming more expensive as of Monday in the main national oil companies. “The evolution of quotations in euros points to an increase in prices of up to 1.5 cents per liter for gasoline and 0.5 cents for diesel,” said a sector source to Executive Digest.

The prices of gas stations next to hypermarkets, which have gained many fans with the escalation of fuels, also follow market trends. “The trend next week will be for an increase of 0.0117 euros in gasoline and an increase of 0.0048 euros in diesel”.

DGEG data show that the average price of a liter of gasoline 95 in Portugal currently costs 1.605 euros while that of diesel is worth 1.422 euros. However, prices may vary at service stations, since the price fixed in the network also takes into account the level of competition, supply and demand in each market and the level of fixed costs for each station.

In the latest bulletin from the European Commission, Portugal is in sixth place among the countries with the most expensive gasoline in the 28 countries of the European Union, 12 cents above the European average and 25 cents more expensive than in Spain. Diesel, on the other hand, ranks 7th.

The price difference between Portugal and Spain results from the tax burden, since, without taxes, the price of gasoline is cheaper in Portuguese lands. Without tax, each liter of gasoline 95 in Portugal would cost 60 cents, that is, it would be cheaper than the 62 cents in Spain.

The most economical
Gasoline (s):
– Pevidem Super Spring – € 1,379

– Intermarché by Vilar Formoso – € 1,399

– Intermarché of Cinfães – 1.419 €

– Inter de Fernão Ferro Suprmercados, LDA. – € 1,419

– Gepoil – Prio de Candedo – € 1,421

Diesel (s):
– Pevidem Super Spring – € 1,199

– Intermarché by Vilar Formoso – € 1,199

– Intermarché da Varzea, S. Pedro do Sul- 1,244 €

– Ourém Intermarché – 1,248 €

– Intermarché de Cinfães – € 1,249

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