Problem on site makes company sell products below price

Problem on site makes company sell products below price
Problem on site makes company sell products below price
Carrefour store: the retailer’s website went through problems on the morning of this Thursday (1)
Photo: REUTERS / Régis Duvignau

Have you thought about buying a 43 inch television for R $ 400? Or a large washing machine for R $ 398.90? It even looks like an April Fool’s joke. But that is not what happened: the Carrefour website presented problems on Thursday morning (1) and several consumers took advantage of this to make several purchases on the retailer’s website.

The discounts were, in a way, unimaginable even if they were on a Black Friday: like a Brastemp Duplex refrigerator for R $ 2,449 for R $ 419.90. Or a Samsung Galaxy S20 smartphone from R $ 4,443.33 for R $ 419.90.

Wanted, Carrefour confirmed that it was an internal problem and that it will manifest later. An internal committee was created to deal with the problem.

Procon-SP notified the company to understand what happened. Among the requests for clarification are the products that were affected, the number of consumers who made the purchase and what was the reason for these low prices.

Can the company not deliver?

For Guilherme Farid, Procon-SP’s chief of staff, the company is obliged to comply with all sales according to the Consumer Protection Code. But there is a catch: common sense. According to Farid, when a “gross error” is detected, the company may not comply with the delivery of the product.

“Mistakes happen. The main point for us to analyze the situation is common sense. It is the rule of law: it is not written anywhere, but it is present in everyone,” says Farid.

Therefore, in the view of the professional of the consumer protection agency, each product will be analyzed on a case-by-case basis. In the case of larger discounts, such as those mentioned here in the report, apparently, these are gross errors.

However, in the case of products with discounts within the conventional, of about 50%, which are usually common on promotional dates, the story may be different.

But can a customer go to court if he wants to receive the product?

“Justice has already had the opportunity to analyze this type of problem and can establish enforced compliance. However, the judge equates the reading of the case with the issue of reasonableness and common sense,” says Farid. “Justice will listen to the company’s statements to understand the case.”

On social media, consumers themselves admitted that prices were far out of the ordinary. Some are already starting to post that purchases have been canceled.

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