Small business owners’ concern about business future increases, study finds | SME

Since the beginning of the pandemic, institutions have been researching the impact of the crisis on small businesses.

The proportion of businessmen concerned about the future of the business reached 57% in February, the highest since the survey conducted in September 2020, when 43% of entrepreneurs revealed this feeling.

In September, 18% of business owners were relieved and hopeful about the future. In February, that number dropped to 9%.

Some sectors feel the crisis even more. The highest rates of afflicted entrepreneurs are in the following sectors:

“In the case of tourism and the creative economy, for example, there are additional complications, such as the issue of transportation and the large concentration of audiences in closed places,” says Carlos Melles, president of Sebrae.

These sectors have been the most impacted, because it is not always possible to offer services online, according to Melles.

Research also shows that only 16% of companies are functioning in the same way as before the pandemic began. That number drops to 5% among creative economy companies, and to 4% among tourism companies.

These sectors are also the ones that most have business with idle activities. Between the companies linked to the creative economy, 40% are down. Already among tourism companies, 32% are in this situation.

According to the entrepreneurs surveyed, the expectation is that there will be an improvement in the pandemic only 17 months from now. The justification is the huge drop in the revenue of these companies.

In tourism, 85% of small businesses reported worsening revenue in 2020, when compared to 2019. In the creative economy, 84% of companies.

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