Caoa Chery Tiggo 3x: what we already know about the new SUV that arrives in 2021 – 01/04/2021

Caoa Chery confirmed last week the arrival of a new SUV that will be produced at the factory in Jacareí (SP).

Without naming names, the company confirmed that the new product is the Tiggo 3x by saying that it “will be located between the Tiggo 2 and the Tiggo 5x”. Pre-production started last month and the car will be officially unveiled by the end of the month.

The model is the deepest restyling of the Tiggo 2, the company’s smallest SUV on sale in Brazil. But the arrival of the new product will not end the production of the ‘brother’, which will be kept in production as a cheaper, entry-level option for the range of SUVs gives Caoa Chery.

Remembering that Tiggo 2 is derived from the Celer hatch, which came to be produced and sold in Brazil and, therefore, has many similarities.

With a new look, more technological and with a better finish, Tiggo 3x will rise to the next level not only in terms of product, but also in price.

The main novelty of Tiggo 3x is the adoption of a new mechanical assembly. The flexible 1.5 engine leaves and a three-cylinder, 1.0 turbo, direct injection and, in the case of Brazil, flex technology.

In the gasoline version, this engine whose code is F3J10, develops 116 hp and about 19 mkgf. With ethanol the power should be around 120 hp, but the torque will be maintained.

As a method of comparison, the 1.5 four-cylinder yields up to 115 hp and 14.9 mkgf when the Tiggo 2 is filled with ethanol.

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The other major change in the set will be the adoption of the CVT automatic transmission, which simulates nine gears, in place of the old four-speed automatic. In China, this new transmission is also adopted for the Tiggo 3x equipped with the 1.5 engine.

Inside, in addition to a more refined finish for the Tiggo 3x, the brand has also changed other parts. The instrument panel has a conventional appearance, with round analog dials for rev counter and speedometer with a digital on-board computer in the center.

The multifunctional, flattened leather steering wheel is the same as that found on the larger “brother” Tiggo 8 and similar to that of the Arrizo 6. The manual parking brake with lever has been replaced by an electric one. Option of face switch with button start will also be available for Tiggo 3x.

Another novelty in the internal area is the huge 9-inch multimedia center in the center of the panel, which has also been completely reformulated. It is more modern, current, has more space in the center console and re-positioned air conditioning outlets with a new shape.

Speaking of the look, the new SUV adopts the latest visual language of Caoa Chery. This includes a hexagonal engine grille, which is in fashion for several brands, and chrome details on the inside of the grille that give a differentiated 3D effect.

The headlights are split, with a part in the upper area and another in the bumpers, integrated with the fog lights. This gave the small SUV a more aggressive style.

At the rear the changes were smaller and more subtle. The lanterns have been kept and the trunk lid too, but the bumper is new.

Systems that were already available in Tiggo 2 come back updated in Tiggo 3x. One is traction control and stability in a new generation, provided by Bosch. Another item that was already available and will be in the new compact SUV is the ramp start assistant.

Another very highlighted technical part is the disc brakes on the four wheels. The tires, depending on the version, have dimensions 195/65 R15 or 205/55 R16. The dimensions remain unchanged. That means 4.20 meters long, 1.76 m wide and 1.57 m high. While the wheelbase maintains its 2.55 m. The trunk, according to the brand, has 400 liters of capacity.

Image: Disclosure

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