Pix’s new rules take effect this Thursday; see what changes | Economy

Pix’s new rules take effect this Thursday; see what changes | Economy
Pix’s new rules take effect this Thursday; see what changes | Economy
Lorena amaro
New Pix rules are in effect today (1st)

Starting today (1st), customers will be able to manage their Pix limits
in itself application
of the financial institution. Currently, account holders can customize only the limits for TED and debit cards, a procedure that indirectly defines the limits of operations via Pix

At any time, the account holder can ask to change the current movement limits. If it is to reduce, the financial institution is obliged to accept the request instantly. The increase in the limit is at the discretion of the institution, after evaluating the client’s profile.

In March, the Central Bank (BC) equalized the Pix’s maximum limits to those of direct electronic transfer (TED). For purchases, the maximum limit of the debit card was worth until now.

Despite the customization, there will be a movement ceiling defined by the financial institution. The values ​​will consider the time, the day of the week, the channel used and the account ownership, in order to guarantee the user’s security.

Contact list

Also today, Pix users can integrate their cell phone contact lists into the tool. According to the BC, the objective is to facilitate the identification of who registered the cell phone number as a Pix key, further simplifying the payment with the functionality.

Since the last 22nd, the participating institutions of Pix have had to inform the possibility that other users are aware of the existence of their Pix key linked to the cell phone number and e-mail. According to the BC, the measure was intended to allow the user to request the deletion of his Pix key, if he so desired.

Registration data

Another novelty, which goes into operation in April, is that end users can, in the event of a name change, request a change of the full name, the business name or the title of the establishment, without the need to delete and re-register the key. . For the BC, this will facilitate, for example, the adjustment when a person changes the name after the wedding or a company changes the fancy name of the establishment.

The BC also authorized that the end-user natural person can request the link of their social name to the Pix key.

Instant payments from the Central Bank, Pix allows the transfer of funds between bank accounts 24 hours a day. Transactions are executed in up to 10 seconds, at no cost to individuals. To use Pix, the account holder must go to the financial institution’s application and register the electronic keys, which can follow the cell phone number, e-mail, the Individual Taxpayer Registry (CPF), for individuals, or the National Registry Legal Entities (CNPJ), for companies.

The user can also generate a random key, with a code of up to 32 digits or even use the current account data. Each electronic key is associated with a bank account. Individuals can have up to five keys per account. For legal entities, the limit rises to 20. * Marcelo Brandão collaborated

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