Millionaire Mega-Sena: Whenever it wants, the State knows how and where to find

Millionaire Mega-Sena: Whenever it wants, the State knows how and where to find
Millionaire Mega-Sena: Whenever it wants, the State knows how and where to find

Since December 31, 2020, half of Mega da Virada’s total prize, something like 160 million reais, has been sleeping peacefully in Caixa’s coffers.

Under the contractual rule – yes; when we play there is a contract and we agree with it – after 120 days, if the prize is not withdrawn by the bettor, he goes back to the state, which can use it as planned.

Every year, millions of reais are “lost” by bettors who do not claim their prizes. Sometimes, the unlucky lucky ones lose the proof of the bet; sometimes they don’t even remember that they played; sometimes they have accidents or die.

As the bets are “personal and non-transferable”, and in their absolute majority “to the bearer”, it is difficult, or even impossible, for the state bank, to identify the bettors who do not appear to withdraw their prizes.

However, once Caixa has made bets available on the Internet, on its own website, which requires prior registration and payment by credit card, there is no longer any difficulty in identifying the bettor.

In the case at hand, especially in times so funeral due to the coronavirus pandemic, the winner may even have been hospitalized for months or even died by the damn Covid. If something like this happened, there may be heirs entitled to the prize.

Whenever it wants, the Brazilian State finds its debtors, and more than that, it invades the citizen’s checking account and proceeds with the so-called “online pledge”, that is, it withdraws the account balance up to the limit of the debt. Now, why not pursue the award?

Such behavior is a shame and shows well the relationship between the State and taxpayers. On the one hand, a machine that only targets the pocket itself. On the other, a bunch of mules paying heavy taxes. When it comes to charging, the State is efficient. When it comes to paying, no. Either it looks like a landscape, as in this case, or it pays through precatorios. I repeat: it is a shame.

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