Caixa will not notify the winner; prize can be “lost”

Caixa will not notify the winner; prize can be “lost”
Caixa will not notify the winner; prize can be “lost”

posted on 03/31/2021 20:09

(credit: Marcello Casal JrAgência Brasil)

Caixa Econômica Federal reinforced the mail on Wednesday night (3/31) that does not intend to identify the winner of half of Mega da Virada 2020/2021. The bank was contacted by Procon-SP on the morning of Wednesday asking for the identification of the winner to deliver the sum of R $ 162.6 million – the ticket was registered in São Paulo (SP). The institution, however, made it clear that it does not record the personal data of bettors in the system, which makes identification impossible (even in bets placed on the internet).

Caixa also recalled that, under Law 13.756 / 2018, it is the bettor’s responsibility to go after the prizes. The bank also stressed that the measures are to ensure the safety and integrity of the lotteries.

Read the full statement:

CAIXA informs that it provided the necessary clarifications to Procon-SP. The bank also clarifies that, according to Law 13.756 / 2018, it is exclusively up to the bettor to request the receipt of lottery prizes within 90 days. The law also establishes that any premium not claimed within the above period is passed on to FIES (Student Financing Fund).

When betting on Casa Lotérica, the bettor’s personal data are not recorded in the CAIXA systems, and so it is also when betting over the internet. CAIXA does not record, along with the bet, the identity of the bettor, regardless of the sales channel. Thus, the registration made in the online sales system is not recorded in the bets made, which are independent and inviolable, for the protection of the bettor himself.

These are essential measures adopted by the bank to guarantee the safety and integrity of CAIXA Lotteries”.

Understand the case

The deadline for one of Mega da Virada’s big winners to withdraw its R $ 162.6 million is until the end of this Wednesday (1/31). The lucky guy from São Paulo (SP) arrived on the 89th day without taking the jackpot – the Caixa rule stipulates 90 days to collect the prizes. If the millions are not withdrawn, they will go to the Higher Education Financing Fund (FIES).

With the scores 17-20-22-35-41-42, the 2330 contest drawn at the turn of the year 2020 to 2021 drew the biggest prize in the history of Caixa’s lotteries: R $ 352.2 million! Two bets hit the six dozen and divided the prize, the “missing” from São Paulo and another from Aracaju (SE) – which has already drawn the jackpot. Of this total, R $ 342 thousand ended up in the hands of residents of the Federal District who hit five dozen.

And speaking of historical prizes, if the São Paulo “forgets” the R $ 162 million, the amount goes to the largest amount hall ever left behind the Loterias Caixa. Even though it is impressive that someone does not redeem the Mega da Virada prize, according to Caixa information on the portal Uol, there are many more people with memory failing when it comes to rescues.

In 2020 alone, R $ 311.9 million in prizes in all lottery modalities were left behind. If added to the “forgetfulness” of the last five years, the value goes to R $ 1.62 billion.

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