Coronavirus – Red level: – Hope it helps

Coronavirus – Red level: – Hope it helps
Coronavirus – Red level: – Hope it helps

– Right now it was not a difficult decision. This is something we have been considering for a long time.

Lars-Erik Fikke, infection control doctor in Enebakk, told Dagbladet, after the municipality announced on Thursday morning that they will introduce a red level at all schools and kindergartens in the municipality from 6 to 11 April.

During the last 14 days, we have registered 80 new cases of infection. This gives us a statistical share of 715 confirmed cases per 100,000 inhabitants, and Enebakk municipality is thus among the top 10 municipalities in Norway with the most infections, says infection control doctor Lars-Erik Fikke in a press release.

To Dagbladet, the infection control doctor explains that there is a lot of infection internally in different families.

– Each individual case of infection usually generates two to three new infections, he says.

AGREE: The mayor of Enebakk, Hans Kristian Solberg, believes it is completely correct to introduce a red level in the municipality’s schools and kindergartens. Photo: Torbjørn Grønning / Dagbladet
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Mayor of Enebakk, Hans Kristian Solberg (Sp), supports the decision, which has been made by Fikke, in collaboration with municipal chief physician Kurt Hetland.

– We have had a red level at the upper secondary school in Flateby, but all the measures that are introduced must be in line with the situation we are in. The rest of the crisis management supports the proposal if we choose to expand the red level.

– Do you think it will help?

– We have seen that several of the measures help in Oslo and other municipalities, so we can only hope that it helps here as well. The only thing I can say is that we must continue to follow the measures.

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