Caixa will release credit of up to R $ 1,000 by cell phone; Understand how!

Caixa will release credit of up to R $ 1,000 by cell phone; Understand how!
Caixa will release credit of up to R $ 1,000 by cell phone; Understand how!
Caixa Econômica Federal is preparing for the launch of a new line of credit microcredit to serve small entrepreneurs. Initially, the measure will cost R $ 10 million to the public coffers, in the offer of loans in the amount of up to R $ 1,000 to small business owners.

The service should also have reduced interest rates, expected to become one of the lowest in the segment. The president of the state-owned company, Pedro Guimarães, clarified that the novelty will work as a banking service and not a benefit.

“Microcredit is not an aid. Aid is transfer. Microcredit is a credit for those who are able to pay the Caixa back ”, he declared.

In addition to this initiative, the institution seeks to be part of the American Nasdaq exchange in order to create a new digital bank. With the creation of fintech, microcredit will be placed in the virtual services folder.

Credit for negative cash

While the microcredit of up to R $ 1,000 from Caixa is not launched, there are other options in force, of which hiring is permitted by those who are negative. Check out:

* Cash Pledge Loan: with a limit of up to R $ 100 thousand, the consumer offers a valuable asset as a guarantee for the bank in exchange for the money.

Gold jewelry (at least 12 carats), noble metals, watches, pearls, among other goods, can be pledged. If the payment of the value is not made, the asset is auctioned.

* FGTS Guaranteed Cash Loan: workers with a balance available in the Severance Indemnity Fund (FGTS) obtain a loan without bureaucracy in the state-owned company starting at R $ 2 thousand.

With interest rates of 0.99% per month, there is no charge for monthly installments, but the discount of amounts due directly from the Fund. To request, it is necessary to have subscribed to the withdrawal-anniversary modality, since the contracting will anticipate up to 3 installments of the annual withdrawals.

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