Microsoft wins billion contract with US defense – E24

Microsoft wins billion contract with US defense – E24
Microsoft wins billion contract with US defense – E24

Microsoft will supplement the US military with new AR technology over the next ten years.

Microsoft will deliver over 120,000 augmented reality headsets over the next five years

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On Wednesday night, the US military announced that Microsoft will supply over 120,000 AR headsets over the next five years, with the possibility of an extension of five years.

The agreement could have a value of up to 21.9 billion dollars, or just over 187 billion Norwegian kroner, writes CNBC.

AR technology, ie augmented reality, combines graphics with real images, and it is the technology company’s HoloLens headset that has been selected to be used in both training and missions by the US military.

Shares of Microsoft rose 1.7 percent after the announcement Wednesday night.

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Continues agreement from 2018

Microsoft and the US military already entered into a contract of 480 million dollars in 2018, where the technology company was to deliver prototypes of their Integrated Visual Augmented Systems (IVAS).

The current agreement also involves completed versions of these prototypes, including HoloLens technology.

Microsoft’s HoloLens, which cost in excess of 30,000 Norwegian kroner, give the consumer the opportunity to see holograms that lie over the actual environment in which he or she is.

Those who use the technology can also influence and act interactively with the holograms, using their own voice and hand gestures.

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Outperformed Amazon

In 2019, Microsoft outperformed a number of technology giants for a cloud contract with the US Department of Defense, with a value of about 92 billion Norwegian kroner.

The cloud storage system, named Jedi, was to store and process huge amounts of classified data.

It would enable the US military to use artificial intelligence to plan warfare and operations.

At the signing of the new contract, Microsoft is a more prominent technology supplier to the US Department of Defense.

Microsoft, Amazon, Google and other large technology companies have previously been criticized by their own employees for entering into agreements with US authorities, especially in projects dealing with defense and immigration.

Microsoft with billion agreement

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Published: April 1, 2021 9:59 AM

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