Medicines prices rise up to 10.08% from this Thursday (1st)

As of this Thursday (1st), medications will have readjustments of up to 10.08%, according to an announcement by the Medicines Market Regulation Chamber (CMED). The authorization for the price increases was published this Wednesday in the Federal Official Gazette.

The biggest increases will be for drugs that have greater competition between brands. As the market dispute decreases, the readjustment drops to 6.79%.

The average increase this year is 8.43%, double the amount observed last year, when medicines rose 4.22%, on average. It will be up to the companies to define the values ​​they will apply.

The readjustment in the sector generally takes place in April, but last year it was postponed to June due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Pills and medicine boxes
Photo: Aquivo / Agência Brasil

According to the pharmaceutical industry, this change in values ​​was expected, as the raw materials for production rose a lot abroad, due to the high demand caused by the pandemic.

In addition to the fact that some factories have been affected by the emergency scenario, the appreciation of the dollar has influenced the price of inputs, most of which are not covered.


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