Unemployment hits 14.2% and reaches 14.3 million Brazilians, says IBGE

posted on 03/31/2021 10:35

(credit: Ana Rayssa / CB / DA Press)

Brazil started the year with 14.3 million unemployed. Data released this Wednesday (3/31) by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE) explain that the unemployment rate increased from 13.9% in the quarter ended in December to 14.2% in the quarter ended in January.

According to the IBGE, it is the highest unemployment rate for a quarter ended in January since the beginning of the historical series of the National Household Sample Survey (Pnad Continua), which started in 2012. Experts explain that, despite having reacted in the At the beginning of this year, the offer of job vacancies is still not enough to contemplate all Brazilians who lost their jobs in the covid-19 pandemic and who are now looking for work again.

The IBGE confirmed that, despite the increase in unemployment, the employed population also grew earlier this year and reached 86 million workers. The increase in the employed population was 2% and is mainly due to the rise in informality, which reached 39.7% in January, as many informal workers were receiving emergency aid by December and had to resume their activities at the beginning of the year. year to support themselves in the face of the end of the benefit.


The parallel increase in occupation and unemployment is due to the fact that the population outside the labor force has been falling. IBGE data also show, however, that there are still 76.4 million people outside the workforce. There are 10.6 million more people than in the same period last year, before the covid-19 pandemic. And 5.9 million of these Brazilians admit that they did not look for work, but would like to work. It is the largest volume of discouraged people in the entire PNAD historical series.

Due to the record of discouraged, specialists believe that, when the pandemic and the job market allow, a good part of these people will go back to look for work and, consequently, to pressure the unemployment rate. Many analysts believe, then, that the unemployment rate will continue to rise and may exceed 15% this year, even with the records of the creation of formal job vacancies pointed out by the General Registry of Employed and Unemployed (Caged), of the Ministry of Economy .


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