Volkswagen. Name change was just a marketing ploy – Observer

Volkswagen. Name change was just a marketing ploy – Observer
Volkswagen. Name change was just a marketing ploy – Observer

Volkswagen will continue to be called Volkswagen, writes The Wall Street Journal. Citing a spokesman for the German parent company, the North American newspaper clarifies that the name change that came to be advanced by the brand, through a press release, it is nothing more than a joke designed to mark the coming April 1 and also to promote electric cars.

“It’s an early April 1st joke. It is part of a marketing campaign for ID.4 ”, an employee of the German company told the newspaper. “There will be no name change.”

As the Observer has already explained, it has never been out of the question that the name change is not real. In fact, CNN, when it first came forward with the news, did not close the door on any scenario – a leak from a real plan or just a joke.

During this Tuesday it was reported that the German brand in the United States would be renamed “Voltswagen of America”, an information that Reuters came to guarantee, when writing that the brand really intended to exchange the K for the T, having, meanwhile , updated the article, referring to a “fake press release”. The company is expected to clarify the situation as early as Wednesday.


We can exchange the K for a T, but what we’re not changing is the brand’s commitment to making the best vehicles in the class for drivers and people everywhere, ”said Scott Keogh, President and CEO of the“ Voltswagen of America ”In a statement.

The change would take effect in May and the “people’s car” (Volkswagen) would refer to volt, the unit of measurement of the potential difference, which measures the potential for energy transmission between two points. The dark blue logo characteristic of Volkswagen would be used only in vehicles powered by fuel, in the United States.

“We know, 66 is an unusual age to change the name, but we were always young at heart”, wrote the brand on Twitter.

(article updated at 11:10 pm on March 30)

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