Banco Inter launches unprecedented service to revolutionize credit card use

O credit card it is one of the services that most interest Brazilian consumers when choosing a bank. Generally, at first, the credit limit offered is low and the process to obtain an increase in cases of need is slow. Focusing on that, Inter will create a new service, the provisional credit limit.

Banco Inter launches unprecedented service to revolutionize credit card use
Banco Inter launches unprecedented service to revolutionize credit card use (Image: Google)

The matter was raised in an internet transmission, carried out by the SeuCréditoDigital, which was attended by the director of Banco Inter, Wagner Ferreira, who spoke about the news.

He explained that this new service is another step towards improving the relationship between the customer and the bank, allowing for a greater limit in special situations.

Provisional credit limit at Banco Inter

In the transmission, the president of Inter reaffirmed that for the customer to have access to a higher credit limit, he must be an active user of the bank.

“Let’s assume that you have 3 credit cards, including that of Banco Inter, but with a low limit. And you continue to use others. This is not cool, because the more you concentrate your purchases on a card, and getting close to your limit, you are signaling your financial and control capacity. So we will end up increasing this limit even more ”, he said.

Regarding the provisional limit service, Wagner explained that the request can be made in a simple way, through the application.

In this way, customers who need more limit in an emergency situation or even in need for a higher value purchase or trip, can place an order with Inter. The bank will analyze each case and decide whether or not to release the limit.

“If you are going to take a trip, for example, and want an increase in the limit of R $ 2 thousand reais to spend there, we can offer it. Inter analyzes this increase internally and, depending on the history that the person has with us, we either approve or deny it ”, said Wagner.


Paulo AmorimPaulo Amorim

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