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After the payment of the first installment of emergency aid, beneficiaries of the general public (outside Bolsa Família) will have to wait between 40 and 47 days to receive the second installment of aid, according to calculations made by the Broadcast (real-time news system of the Grupo Estado) from the calendar released this Wednesday, 31, by the government.

Those born in January will receive their first deposit on April 6, but the second installment will fall into the account only on May 16 The interval is 40 days – the same difference for those born in February.

Beneficiaries born in March and June, in turn, will wait 42 days between the first and the second payment. Those who have birthdays in April, May and July will have to wait 43 days from the first installment of the aid.

For those born in August, September, October and November, the interval will be even longer, 45 days.

Whoever has a birthday in December will face the longest wait: 47 days between the first deposit (April 30th) and the second (June 16th).

For the payment of the third and fourth installment of the aid, the interval will be shorter, but still longer than a month. The wait will be between 32 and 35 days.

The calculations take into account the calendar for deposits in digital social savings created on behalf of the beneficiary by Caixa Econômica Federal. On these dates, the amounts may be used to pay bills, bills and to make purchases using a virtual debit card or QR Code.

In order to be able to withdraw the money or use it for bank transfers or payments with PIX, the government has stipulated another calendar. However, according to Caixa, 75% of the movements in digital social savings are made digitally, through the Caixa Tem application.

Earlier, Caixa’s president, Pedro Guimarães, said that a government concern is to avoid agglomerations at bank branches or lotteries, since health authorities recommend social distance to slow the progress of the new coronavirus. “We will have a whole calendar with all the details, to minimize agglomerations. Our expectation is that at least half of the people already pay their bills digitally. We will minimize the queues of withdrawals,” he said.


In the new round of assistance, only one person per family can receive the benefit, which has values ​​of R $ 150 for families of one person, R $ 250 for families with more than one member and R $ 375 for mothers who are the only ones home providers, paid in four monthly installments.

Only those who were already beneficiaries of the program in December 2020 will be able to receive the amounts. In a decree issued last week, the government reinforced the prohibition on making new requests for the benefit by those who were employed until July 2020, when the registration was closed, but he was fired after that, without getting a replacement.

The government estimates that 45.6 million workers will be reached by the new round. The aid benefits informal workers, individual microentrepreneurs and the unemployed (who are not receiving unemployment insurance) with a family income of up to three minimum wages, or up to half a minimum wage per person. Bolsa Família beneficiaries will only receive the aid if it is more advantageous than the amount paid in the regular program.

Until last year, two people from the families could receive the benefit at the same time. Now, as only one person in the family will be covered, the government has also established prioritization rules, if more than one is eligible for having received the aid by December 2020.

According to the decree, priority will be given to women who provide a single-parent family. In the absence of this type of beneficiary, the oldest member of the family will receive the aid (depending on the date of birth). If there is a tie, the benefit will preferably be given to the woman. If there is still a lack of definition, the tiebreaker will be made in the alphabetical order of the name.

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