New Jeep Compass 2022 goes on sale next Monday

New Jeep Compass 2022 goes on sale next Monday
New Jeep Compass 2022 goes on sale next Monday
The Jeep Compass 2022, which will bring the new 1.3 turboflex engine of up to 180 hp and restyling on the body and interior, already has a pre-sale date: the model will start to be negotiated at 4 pm next Monday (05 / 04). The first batch of the model will have 1,000 units, all of the Special Series 80 Years, which celebrates the manufacturer’s birthday.


The only image of the Compass 2022 revealed by Jeep does not show much, but the manufacturer reported that the special 80 Years series will have a graphite-darkened exterior, a new Black Piano interior, a black interior lining and exclusive seams. Of course, there is no lack of commemorative emblems on the outside and inside of the car.

Model will look the same as the Chinese similar

However, Jeep also did not reveal the price of the new Compass 80 Years: this will only run on Monday. However, the manufacturer has already anticipated that the signal required to make the deal will be R $ 3,000. In the first 48 hours of pre-order, only owners of Jeep vehicles will be able to purchase the SUV. After 4 pm next Wednesday (07/04), the action will be available to everyone.

Buyers will receive the Jeep Compass 2022 after 3 months

To participate in the pre-sale of the Jeep Compass Series 80 Years 2022, the interested party must access a hotsite and pay the deposit. Then, a voucher will be sent by email with the order confirmation. The reservation can also be made at a dealership. The manufacturer guarantees that if, for any reason, the buyer chooses to cancel the deal, he will receive the money back.

The billing of vehicles purchased under the pre-sale scheme will take place in a maximum of 30 days after the official launch, scheduled for June. Buyers will also receive some treats, such as Echo Dot (4th Generation) Smart Speaker with Alexa, bag and key ring from the Jeep 80 Years collection.


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