Equatorial wins auction for energy distributor in Rio Grande do Sul

On Wednesday (March 31, 2021), Equatorial won the auction of CEEE-D, the distribution arm of the State Electricity Company of Rio Grande do Sul, which serves approximately 1.8 million customers in 72 municipalities in the State . THE holding offered R $ 100 thousand for the company. The bid was the only one valid in the event held at B3, the stock exchange headquartered in São Paulo (SP).

The proposal represents a premium – difference between the minimum values ​​for bids established by the government and that offered by the winning company – of 100%.

The auctioned shares were owned by CEEE-Par (Companhia Estadual de Energia Elétrica e Participações) and represent 65.92% of the total share capital of CEEE-D. The measure is one of the conditions imposed on the State so that it can adhere to the Federal Tax Recovery Regime, which allows special conditions for payment of the debts of the Federative Unit.

Governor Eduardo Leite (PSDB) celebrated the result: “We are grateful for Equatorial’s confidence not only in the company, but also in Rio Grande do Sul, since, by offering R $ 100 thousand, it assumes a series of liability obligations, which add up to more than R $ 4 billion“, said.

Equatorial’s CEO, Augusto Miranda, pointed out that the purchase will help diversify the company’s assets. “It is a very important concession, which will do Equatorial’s mix very well. It is in the transmission, distribution, and even less generation segment ”, he stated. The group already operates in the states of Alagoas, Maranhão, Pará and Piauí, totaling 9% of Brazilian consumers.

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